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Crockett & Jones Savile Giveaway

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I have a pair of C&J Savile monkstrap shoes, purchased from C&J, in a dark chocolate brown color, just worn a couple times (gently worn with steel plates in the toe), that, turns out, I don't need, and would rather they go to someone who can give them a loving home...and loving feet (gratis).  The size on the shoes is 10 1/2 E---I'm an American size 11, and these shoes fit perfectly.  Just a few conditions: Please be completely familiar with the Savile shoe, as it is *not* the same monkstrap design as other C&J monkstraps; it's an updated rather elongated version (chiseled toe) that might not appeal to everyone, and I don't want them relegated to back-of-closet status; Pls. have experience with C&J and be 100% certain the Saviles will fit you, as I really want them to go to good use; Finally, since I'll pick up shipping costs, it would be good if you live in the US, even better if you reside in NY.  PM me and whomever I decide to give the shoes to, I'll let you know.  Enjoy them. Grayson
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just wanted to say, that's a right generous offer. cheers to grayson. /andrew
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Indeed. Wish I were a size 11. Dan
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Very generous.
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I own a pair of size 9 UK Saviles in that color and they are one of my favorite pairs in my closet. I highly recommend them. My glass is raised to Grayson for his generosity.
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What a nice offer. I'm in the process of ordering a custom made pair of Marteganis from Rider and I used the C&J Saville as a model.
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I hope he finds someone to give them to that actually has good use for them, and doesn't just a) flip them on Ebay; or b) let them moulder at the back of their closet full of 500 pairs of Greens and Berlutis.
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Good point about Ebay---Anyone who is caught selling the shoes on Ebay, or who otherwise doesn't coddle them with loving care, will be shunned and will burn in hell in eternal damnation. Too strong a punishment? Grayson
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Thats mighty nice of you. Except its very mean of you not be a 10c.
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*Bells* Perfect sizing for me (it's been tough to find a discount C&J in my size since the Barney's Sale a year back)...just PMed you. What did we members do to deserve your generosity?
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Very generous indeed. I remember when you bought them and posted about their beauty and the toe piece, if I'm recalling correctly. Ah well, not my size.
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l'm a 7. Damn. A mighty fine offer. You have earnt your place in shoo heaven (the big shoo in the sky). Regards: the shooman.
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