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In Praise of Hickey Feeman

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Last year after wearing my Brioni DB on a business trip going from Philadelphia to Florida and back in one day, I realized the suit was too nice to have been subjected to so much wear and tear.  Moreover, the folks I was meeting with were union people (presidents, but still union) and the Brioni was over the top, I think.  So, I bought a few Hickey Freeman suits on eBay and have worn them for similar business trips and even for local meetings. IMO, HF is a great value.  Canvas construction, some hand stitching, nice fabric and suspender buttons. While no one would ever acuse HF of being a fashion leader, it's a step up from a sack suit.  The only negative post I ever saw about HF was from someone who had an awful experience with a MTM suit.  There are plenty of pre-owned HF suits on eBay for well under $100 and new suits go for under $400.  They retail for around $1,400. I prefer my higher end suits, but compared to the RL suits I've owned, HF is by far a better garment. Any other opinions?  Talk amongst yourselves...
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I like HF too. I've got about 5 pairs of HF wool summer-weight slacks that are regulars in my warm weather "rotation." They are classic and fit well. I've also got a dark gray HF single breasted two button suit that I wear to situations that would benefit from a very conservative image. One example -- I've got a client that is in the construction products business. In this company, the top officers are back-slapping, golf-playing, cigar-chewing, whiskey drinking former football playing former frat boys (who are also astute businessmen). I wear the HF suit to meet with them. I served as a witness in an arbitration recently -- the "safe, conservative" HF suit was the suit I chose. I completely agree with you that they are good day in/day out suits.
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I have a lot of respect for HF, mostly because of what you said.  For what you are paying (even at full retail), you're getting a very good product.  Without trying to sound jingoistic, it's also an American made product, and I see real value in supporting American businesses who still produce their products in the USA (and there seem to be fewer and fewer).  HF suits can also be had for a song on ebay. All of that being said, I have personal trouble with the HF fit.  When I find one that fits my shoulders, it is much too large in the waste.  I own two HF suits, and both required substantial alterations in the waste area (and one is never going to be quite right).  I think you also have to like the HF style, which does not appeal to everyone.  However, I think that HF is "business wear" in the true sense of the term.  No one is buying HF to wear for a night out on the town (or at least they probably shouldn't be). I guess the bottom line is that if you like the style and are comfortable with the fit, you could do a lot worse than Hickey. Regards, Jeff
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Mano, check out my thread re: the HF Hand Tailored suit I got at Filene's Basement last week. I think you'll enjoy the few pictures I put up.
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I agree with Mano 100%. I have two HF suits (both Canterbury 2-button models), and many pairs of slacks. Great stuff, IMHO.
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Johnnynorman, nice suit, great fit.  How much?
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I have two MTM HF suits--a three piece DB and a three piece SB. All the specifications were done to a "t": double vents, working sleeve buttons, ticket pocket, lapel vest etc...... The fabric is excellent, the fit is perfect, and the suits are long lasting. I also have a MTM HF tuxedo that is fantastic. Quality and bang for the buck. HF is hard to beat in my book. I have an Oxxford MTM, and I believe that the HF compares very well in overall quality.
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Without a doubt, HF makes an excellent quality suit for the money. Plus, one can usually find a good bargain at an outlet or a sample sale. HF suits are my go to suits when I travel since they tend to be hard wearing. I would like to try the new Madison model, which I view as a big improvement over the retired Boardroom model.
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Yep - I like Hickey as well. My workhorse suits are typically Hickey and Canali MTM.
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$450, Mano. Fortunately, Filene's Basement prices the Hand Tailored suits at the same price as the Collection line. Gotta love it.
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This thread was not intended as a vehicle to peddle my wares, but here's something interesting. I'm selling a bunch of new with tags higher end stuff on eBay (Brioni, Oxxford, Isaia) and one HF suit. All items have bids or multiple people watching the auction. There's not one single person watching the HF. Go figure. Yes, I know, the pictures suck. If anyone can help me scale them down, I'd appreciate it.
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