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I'd compare the quality of Jantzen shirts to those of Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren Polo, and possibly Thomas Pink. For me, the distinguishing factor is the fact that the Jantzen shirts fit me so much better than what I could pick up in a store.
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I used the online order form about eight days ago.  I ordered one shirt (it will be my first), and followed up the order with an e-mail requesting confirmation that the order was placed.  Three days later, I sent an additional e-mail requesting confirmation that my order had been received.  I have not received any response at all.  
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I placed an online order just before Christmas, but received neither an automated confirmation at the time the order was placed, nor timely subsequent email confirmation from Jantzen. My assumption was that the ordering process had experienced a glitch and my information had not been transmitted. On January 5th, I received a short email from Ricky confirming my order and apologizing for the communication delay. He indicated that my first shirt would arrive within a couple of weeks, but I've still yet to receive it.
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I think Jantzen shirts are far better than Brooks Brothers and the other brands you mentioned because they use single needle tailoring, troca/MOP buttons, shank-wrapping and crossover stitching in attaching the buttons, and they do pattern matching. I'm no expert, but I'd say that in terms of construction the Jantzen shirts are equal to or better than my Zegna, Brioni, and T&A (Turnbull uses double needle) shirts. The fabric is not particularly luxorious, but if you stick with the 120's or 140's they offer you should be fine. The kicker for me is getting to do your own styling down to very detailed levels. I don't think I could ever find a nice OTR shirt with a dual button wide 3" spread collar, split yoke, side pleats, turnback cuffs, constrating button-hole thread, and triple thick MOP buttons, let alone one that fits me.
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I would like to say that this is the Chinese/Lunar New Year season and many businesses are shut down in Asia during this period of time, especially businesses which involve craftsmen or skilled labour. Many tailors I know will be closed for about a week from Jan 22 to 28. Hope this helps.
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Thanks "My View" I hope that's what it is. -Tom
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Tom, I'd be very patient this time of year. Some Hong Kong businesses will be closed (or understaffed) for the next two or three weeks.
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Actually, as the economy is picking up in Hong Kong again, most starts work on the 26th. I, on the other hand, still choose to laze around and catch up on my reading..... reading the Style Forum. To all Chinese on the board, Happy Monkey Year.
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Well, Ricky just emailed me. He says he's going to be back on the 31st.
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