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Thanks. Do you know if the store (forget it's name), in the Gallery, that had Hugo Red and D&G closed yet? Seemed like an interesting store, shame I only got to check them out once. Also didn't know that there was an LV and Tiffany's at the Fairfax Square. Will definitely have to check out Tiffany's since I've never been in one. Now do they run sales, or are their prices set for good? Later. . .
The store you're thinking of is Sobiato (formerly Hugo Hugo Boss).  It has indeed closed.  Apparently their marketing plan of selling bridge lines at inflated prices didn't work out.  Imagine that.  The space formerly taken by Sobiato will be occupied by Everett Hall, a DC-based designer.  From what I've seen of Mr. Hall's work, it is fairly stylish, but veers dangerously close to the "NBA Draft Day" look.  I'll withhold judgment until the store actually opens.
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AC: Everett Hall also has a boutique across the street from Mazza Gallerie on WI Ave. I particularly like the quality of the fabrics they use, but some of their pieces do fit your humorous description. Others I would simply term new takes on old classics- e.g. peak lapels on 3 button, 3 piece black subtle pin stripe. Only one store here in SF carries their line, and it inflates the prices quite a bit. BTW, last time I was there the Neiman's at Mazza carried their tailored line as well. I believe I have a web site if anyone's interested.
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