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I thought it was cool, especially for the price. I'm sure they'd be happy to send everyone a refund check in the amount of $0.00. It ain't perfect, but sf members/critics are of pretty evolved taste - I'll enjoy it for what it is, which isn't much. The preppy layout was interesting, though I guess a bit behind. The preppy "must-haves" were not inaccurate, though I don't think there was much "new" or humourously tongue-in-cheek enough to qualify as supplemental to the Preppy Handbook. The living room was, indeed, nice. I don't think it sucks, but like drizzt said, best for gym/bathroom reading.
Well put. My opinion is basically the same.
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I purchased it to look at the preppy section, I agree about it being of center. But the den was worth the purchase price for me. Remember Vital offered a free subcription for a year? I signed up for it, and only received the premier issue.Anyone else have this problem?
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I agree with stylestudent, the preppy part of the issue was really lame. Adrien Brody = TOOL (note the caps)
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Coincidentally, from ED2010: ...  Vitals (Man) and Vitals (Woman), two new lifestyle/fashion magazines from Fairchild Publications (W, Details, Jane) are looking for editorial interns who can work 3-5 days a week this summer. This is an excellent opportunity for proactive individuals looking for a greater understanding of the magazine industry. Duties include research, product call-ins, transcribing and, for enthusiastic candidates, writing and reporting for both magazines. This internship is unpaid. Interested candidates should send a resume (attached as a word document or pdf), two to four clips, and a cover letter in the body of an e-mail to kerry.miller@fairchildpub.com. Applicants for Summer 2005 are encouraged to apply by March 31.
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Unpaid Internships. I thought we had a 13th Amendment in the USA. You'd think they'd at least have the fundamental human decency to pay the poor kids minimum wage. (I've been in the magazine business for 25 1/2 years, for those of you who don't know me.)
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I don't know that much about the magazine business, but in every industry that I've been involved in (including my current one, health care/software) unpaid internships have not only been commonplace but in high demand. I interview 6-8 MBA-level interns for each unpaid internship position I post...
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