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Vitals magazine

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Before I post my two cents, I want to read other peoples' opinions...thus, what do you think? Jon.
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Minutes between mailbox and trash can: about 10
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Maybe I am in the minority here, but I like it. Seems to have a lot of good advice, which I prefer. And it mentions clothes that "real people" can buy, not a constant overflow of $5000 suits like others like GQ. Just my $.02.
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It was OK - kind of basic information, but I liked the picture of the bookshelves in the preppy den. Kind of what I'm going for with my living room - without the fireplace. Bradford
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I think this magazine sucks, just like Details. I prefer Cargo, but all of those magazines have been pretty weak lately. I get Details, Cargo, GQ, Vitals, etc... and most of them are just gym reading or sit in the restroom. The only mqg that I read cover to cover is CN Traveler, for some reason I enjoy the articles quite a bit.
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It is definitely better than Cargo (which I paid $10 for a year's subscription) and it was free to subscribe. The layout with the 17 year old actor wearing the white ankle socks was disturbing.
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Actually, the last issue of Cargo wasn't too bad. The article on fit was interesting. I do have a hard time believing that the before and after shot is of the same size suit. It looks like they shortened the jacket a bunch.
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Hated it. But I did get a freebie copy of Menswear, The Insider Guide to Men's Fashion (Spring 2005) from the folks at Conde Nast. The blue suit on the front cover almost made me throw up. Right before I threw it in the circular file, I decided to take a quick look inside and it's not bad. Any magazine that has a column titled Ask Alan, where Flusser himself answers questions, gets more than a casual read on my end. And the articles on How to Talk to your tailor and the interview with Ralph Lauren on his cars are informative. I think I'll keep my copy afterall. But I will tear off the cover with the International Male look blue DB suit.
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Jon, My first issue but not too pleased. The "prep" article reminded me of departed "Styleman", because it was more about proving how the owner of these particular goods would be everyone's social "better" as opposed to better dressed, which is a more legitimate purpose of this forum. Vitals is trying to sell editorially featured goods. Some featured goods are trying real hard (crocodile attache case-I'd be embarrassed going into a meeting with this item, especially if it was new).
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I thought it was cool, especially for the price. I'm sure they'd be happy to send everyone a refund check in the amount of $0.00. It ain't perfect, but sf members/critics are of pretty evolved taste - I'll enjoy it for what it is, which isn't much. The preppy layout was interesting, though I guess a bit behind. The preppy "must-haves" were not inaccurate, though I don't think there was much "new" or humourously tongue-in-cheek enough to qualify as supplemental to the Preppy Handbook. The living room was, indeed, nice. I don't think it sucks, but like drizzt said, best for gym/bathroom reading.
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Interesting eye candy. Slightly off the mark with some of the preppie lifestyle advice and careers -- their advice got polluted with some sort of 80s greedy yuppie stereotype. Clothes not bad, article successfully proves Adrien Brody is a witless prat. Much better than most other men's fashion titles I can think of; although anyone paying those prices for Cole Haan or Coach briefcases needs their head examined.
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article successfully proves Adrien Brody is a witless prat.
Have to agree, now I'm going to go lay down some beats.
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the current issue of vitals man was very week given they're in a flux in just having put out the first issue of vitals woman, which was quite well done by the way, i think this issue of vitals man was an afterthought
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Weak - but hey, it was free. Panzer
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Skimmed it at Barnes & Noble & put it back on the rack. I thought the first issue of Vitals seemed rather promising, much more clothing/fashion oriented than similar magazines. The subsequent issues appeared to have little to differentiate from similar publications like Details and Cargo. Admittedly, my age puts me outside the target demographic for these publications, but it is interesting that my reaction differs little from most of the other (and presumably younger) forum-ites. May swing by B&N en route to work to see if I can pick up a copy of Menswear, which I do like.
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