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it sounds like the suits you have are perfectly adequate for your summer job. a dog park friend works at the us atty's office in NOLA and i think he said he wore mainly khakis, dress shirt and a tie most of the time. if you MUST have a new suit, all the big stores will have a sale in the beginning of june, so your options will be wider. and the next time you visit rubenstein bros, walk around the corner to george bass (just keep away from the isaia box).
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Head over to Perlis on Magazine Street. They have a good selection of summer suits and the prices are far more reasonable than Rubenstein's.
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Color-wise, could I recommend a light gray? Far from charcoal, and lighter than medium, but maybe not quite in the "pearl gray" family? Goes with everything, looks great with black or brown dress shoes, and you should be able to find it in a light worsted that would be perfect for a summer in The Boot. You can dress it down with a decent polo or open collared shirt.
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Jimboni, I've never noticed George Bass. I'll have to keep an eye out for it next time I'm down there. TD, My professor's family actually owns Perlis. She always told us about it, but I never had a chance to go browse through it. Keith, You really think a light gray suit would look alright with brown shoes/belt? I remember seeing Mel Gibson in one, and I liked the look. However, I figured black would be a better choice. Thanks for the help fellas.
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