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Originally Posted by JayJay View Post
It helps to drive a V12 regularly, seriously.

Which Jag?

Was thinking of one of those sexy XKR whatevers. I don't know that much about cars... that or an Aston Martin, but that's maybe too much of a fuck off car, and I'd feel too endulgent and spendy... but then again, life is short. A man can dream.
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I have a Cadillac CTS. Its pretty sporty and comfortable. However, the gas milage is horrible. The price in (Fall 2008) could not be beat though.
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e36 1998 m3
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i drive a 2005 Nissan 350z. it has a few dings and scratches on it and the front bumper has a golf ball size indentation. Probably from a truck's tow hook backing into it. Overall its a decent car. Very reliable.
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04 Mercedes C230 Sedan. It's RWD and handles fairly well, comfortable ride. I have to turn the ESP off when it snows.
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Silver 330xi
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2009 Mitsubishi Outlander. I really like it.
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Originally Posted by A Y View Post
-7 camber and a 6-inch drop? Are you sure the shop knows what they're doing?


hahaha, i get that a lot, especially from experienced car guys. regular people just ask me if it's broken, and everybody asks me if it's safe.

it's not =P

but here's a photo:

that was taken when the car was about half an inch higher than it is right now, with about half a degree less camber in the rear than it is now. for clarification, the fronts are only doing about -4*.

the japanese call this style of tuning "vip", pronounced like "hip", not "vee-eye-pee". essentially, it's taking an expensive japanese luxury sedan and tuning it. you'll see different influences, like from yankee style cars, sporty/drift style cars, old school yakuza cars, european vw/audis, etc, but almost all vip cars share a few traits: 1. super low, 2. crazy wheel fitment, whether flush or tucked. most of the japanese vip tuners run coilovers, so most guys actually do drive that low (as do i).

here are some more (better) examples (and as you can see, my car is nowhere near the weirdness/badassness/craziness of these cars yet):

wow, i can't believe i'm talking about vip-tuning on styleforum, and sorry for the long-winded explanation!
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Originally Posted by Connemara View Post
People still like Jags?
No and thats the problem. Every new money bitch in NYC drives a BMW 750 or mercedes of some sort. Seriously I could go the rest of my life never seeing a 6 or 7 series and be happy. If you are looking for luxury car under 100 grand Jaguar is the only game in town with some truly stylish cars. XJ is getting a little boring in the newer designs but still it's the best looking saloon in the US(just my opinion). Best looking saloon under 100k The XKR is just an amazing car. Aston Martin looks with more reliability and cost alot less. Funny thing is I have never driven a Jaguar. I have driven the Aston Martin Vanquish. All I can say is if you can afford one you should get one. The car is rolling art. You sit inside and the car is art, you lift the hood and it's a work of art. $300K $100k
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Originally Posted by sonick View Post
1990 Miata in Classic Red.

Snowing here in Vancouver, and expected for 15cm more tonight; haven't been able to take it out the past few days, I miss it

Originally Posted by sjd View Post
I have a 2006 Mazda MX-5 Miata that's modified with an intake, header, exhaust & coilovers, a 2007 Mazdaspeed6 that's stock and my company car a 2009 Mazda6, also stock. The Miata sees the track in the summer.


Just noticed this. One more Miata here!
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1998 Honda Accord, "black currant" in color.
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'03 Lexus ES300 in white/tan.
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Originally Posted by 95///M3 View Post
'51 Jaguar XK120 Coupe
Thread winner! And i really like the 2002 too.
Originally Posted by Huntsman View Post
Teh love.
Originally Posted by JetBlast View Post
+1. That Jag = sex.
Originally Posted by billionaireboy View Post
only problem is Jags lose value like no other.
Not the XK120. (Well, sadly, I'd very much like one.) The 50s XKs were my great childhood and puberty car crush. I had posters, self-made drawings, I even joined the Jaguar club as a "cub" member. Then I discovered girls and booze, and lost focus.
Originally Posted by SField View Post
I have this one eccentric uncle who has driven the same volvo for like 30 years. I think it has close to a million miles or something. He has kept it pretty clean and honestly it's fine.
Hi, nephew. My grandfather's maroon 1982 Volvo 240 four-door. Salt-and-pepper tweed and black plastic interior. One fist-sized ding on the right wing, from when my mother killed a moose with it. When my grandfather died, there was no point in selling the car for a pittance (it had 180.000 km's on it, and was in nearly-perfect condition), so my father decided I needed a car. (I don't, and parking is hell where I live.) It's in the underground car-park at work for the winter; I never really use it, except for longer vacation trips.
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Nice summer days: 1980/1981 VW Sciroccos Winter/daily driver: 2001 VW Golf. Black ext./tan int. Nothing special, no pic at the moment.
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Current ride:

Pre-NYC ride:

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