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Ideas for a jacket

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A friend of mine is making me a jacket. She's not a tailor, but she's very capable with fashioning clothes from scratch. I've seen some blazers she's made and they are great. But they are unstructured. I photoshopped together a little picture along the lines of what I was thinking. Now, the fabrics are NOT what it will be, but the details are. I do think that I want contrasting colored accents, such as in the picture, even though those colors and patterns are not what they will be. The lining I want to be really really intresting. I was thinking albow patches as well in the same contrasting fabric as the rest of the details, and the whole thing stitched in contrasting thread. Can anybody make recommendations as far as details, alterations, whatever. The jacket will be lightweight and for casual wear only. I am 22, very slim, and definitely what most would consider to be metrosexual (though I hate that term). Plus I live in NY, so I can wear pretty much anything and not look out of place. The picture: Thanks, Dan
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Maybe slant the pockets toward the front a bit? It would add to the visual tapering of the waist. It's what I'd do anyway. Make sure to show some pictures of the finished product.
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Sounds like a fun idea. I'm not sure whether you intended for the sleeves to be slightly flared, but I like it, reminds me of the neopolitan trumpeted sleeves. Consider roping the sleevehead, although it may be a little feminine depending on what fabric you decide on. I would narrow the lapels slightly, and opt for a 2 button instead of three for a lower button stance. You may also consider opening up the quarters a bit. Please let us know how it turns out.
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Sounds a bit overkill to me. Everything contrasting? Why not just one pocket?
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I'm with Ken though I don't know if I'd even have one pocket contrasting. I suppose it might look better in reality then in my imagination though.
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Sounds very cool, but I think whether the contrasting is going to work or not might depend on what type of fabric/color/pattern you choose. I think you said that the one in the picture is not exactly the same as how it would be in reality. Are the contrasting pockets going to be of a different texture altogether-like suede or corduroy?
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Overkill if you have elbow patches as well.  I would personally get rid of the overly trendy (BR evn has them) ticket pocket.  Like the idea of a patch chest pocket with flapped hip pockets.  I suggest that the fabrics be complimentary (e.g corduroy and twill, or wool tweed and corduroy) rather than contrasting.  I would also only have one pocket, the chest, in the contrasting fabric, otherwise you might look like those poor fools in the Triple Five Soul jackets instead of in something cool and unique.  Also, no contrasting buttons or button holes. Remember, details are good.  Too many details make the piece too busy and just cheap looking.  Make the cut slim, but not with a large amount of waist suppression - more Helmut Lang and Dior Homme, less Savil Row.   Will look good.
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I would ditch the ticket pocket, go for the slant pockets as suggested, avoid the elbow patches, and consider using a slightly contrasting thread for the stiching along the lapels. I've seen a few casual coats with such details by Turist (or Turista?), known for their outerwear for BG/Neiman Marcus, that are quite pleasing to the eye. Though not worth the $900 on my measely budget...
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I think the recommendations here are pretty spot on with me too. If it was mine, I would do: Slanted hip pockets, no ticket pocket. Narrow, straighter appearance (smaller shoulder width, less waist surpression) as LA Guy pointed out sounds like a very good idea. If youre going to contrast the pockets, don't contrast the buttons, keep them a similar shade as the fabric - if it was mine I would keep the contrasts very subtle and only do contrasting buttonhole stitching. I would lower the button stance a little, narrow and lengthen the lapels and make it a two-button. Also, the front seems very closed, you might do better with something a bit more French-styled, with more space below the buttons. For an unstructured jacket like this, I might even say go with a single center vent. I personally wouldn't have the shoulders roped because I don't think that will look good on an unstructured jacket. BTW, did you get the base image from an Attolini suit?
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BTW, did you get the base image from an Attolini suit?
Base image is from a Richard James suit, but I altered it significantly. Dan
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