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I personally would go with a high stance spread collar. I think collars with two buttons are played out so stick with one. Mind though, spread collar is good, I don't know how cut away collars would look.
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Spread collar, and two buttons to please the eye. What's critical is that the collar is not too limp, and that the chest of the shirt is not too big. If the chest is too big, it will sag. This is why people with large chest look good without a tie and even with two buttons undone. B
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Flusser once created a spread-buttondown collar. Spread so it looked good, buttons so it would stand up even without a tie. haven't seen them anywhere else though -boston
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Thanks everyone - sounds like I'll be looking for some high-stance, spread collar shirts. I must admit, for years I only wore buttondowns and it's only in the last three years or so that I've started wearing other types of collars - thus the ignorance on my part. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions. Bradford P.S. Now I just need to increase my workouts so I can get the body of Gov. Ahnuld.
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I prefer spread collars w/o a tie.
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