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Originally Posted by taxgenius View Post

Any tailor in NYC that you would trust with this?

Thread revival - anyone have a recommendation for NYC?
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2nd revival of this thread

I don't believe one of the original questions was answered directly (or possibly sufficiently).

Is adjusting the sleeve pitch (rotating the arm of a jacket in relation to the shoulder/body) on an OTR jacket something that can be done by competent tailor? And, if so, what would be an estimated cost?

I bought a Brooks Brothers suit (Regent cut) online during the recent corporate card 30% off sale (I know there are better sales, but I'm under a time crunch); it fits well through the shoulders and torso, but there is wrinkling at the front of the sleeve just below the shoulder. I believe rotating the right sleeve about 1/4-1/2" clockwise (left, counterclockwise) would alleviate the issue. Am I flirting with disaster by considering this major of an alteration of OTR garment? Should I just bail on this suit and try for another cut and/or brand?

On edit: JefferyD did answer the question directly and sufficiently. Any other opinions? I'm leaning towards starting from scratch.
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hey S B, dont bail out. its only one sleeve and you say its slight. but the rest of the suit is good?
has your tailor done some large alterations well for you? if so then try him on this.
f not, then wait till you next go out NY way an d bring the suit back. i dont think they will charge you.
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Thanks for the reply.

Actually, the suit ended up working out fine. The item was shipped to me at the office, so I tried the jacket on with a slightly baggy cotton sweater on underneath. Once I tried it on with a better fitting dress shirt, it fit fine (save for a few minor alterations, shortening the sleeve and letting out the side/back seams very slightly).

The pitch isn't perfect, but certainly acceptable for RTW.
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