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Why not Splendido or George?
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Originally Posted by fwiffo View Post

Why not Splendido or George?

what do you recommend at splendido? I looked at the menu but was still undecided. planning on going soon since its such a close walk from my grandparent's house
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Originally Posted by fwiffo View Post

Why not Splendido or George?

I read some of your posts about Spendido a couple of days ago and booked a rez there for our anniversary in a couple of weeks time. Thanks for the tip - i look forward to it icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by oneeightyseven View Post

what do you recommend at splendido? I looked at the menu but was still undecided. planning on going soon since its such a close walk from my grandparent's house

I did the tasting last time so you get to try a little of everything. I like the local stuff they have and they always have a creative way of presenting it. Partly I also go for the service which hasn't been a miss for me.
Originally Posted by chrisjr View Post

I read some of your posts about Spendido a couple of days ago and booked a rez there for our anniversary in a couple of weeks time. Thanks for the tip - i look forward to it icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

From the places you went to it doesn't seem like you're looking for "best value" and I've always enjoyed blowing away money there - expensed or not.

Going to try Kensington Bistro tonight.
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Smoke's Poutinerie inlove.gif Fresh cut fries and ingredients = best poutine ever!! Tried the chipotle pulled pork or the country style. The large is good for two meals btw.
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Originally Posted by EL72 View Post

Smoke's Poutinerie inlove.gif Fresh cut fries and ingredients = best poutine ever!! Tried the chipotle pulled pork or the country style. The large is good for two meals btw.

Poutine is never something I've gone out of my way for, but living near Queen / Bathurst was very convenient for all manners of foodstuffs including Smoke's. Ghandi Roti was another guilty pleasure. And I concur Smoke's pulled pork poutine is pretty damn good.

How's the Goldin's keeping by the way? Back on the wet coast, I've resorted to Dunn's from Costco to steam at home, which surprisingly was passable. Now it seems they've done away with pieces and replaced with them presliced pouch portions, ie, from bad to worse. No thanks.

Asked Schwartz's a while back about having a brisket overnighted to me, but the shipping was not far off from the price of the meat itself. Anyways, I recall a previous comment you made about Goldin's > Schwartz's. I agree.
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Kensington Bistro Friday night. Walk in and it was empty Friday at 7pm. The space is brighter than when it used to be for La Palette but the layout is generally the same. The menu is bistro style for sure but I thought the steak & frites were average at best. The mussels as an appetizer were okay, although they didn't give you share plates and bread came after the appetizer showed up. Wait staff was definitely not familiar with hard liquor or cocktails so wine is really the only good bet. My dining mate had duck confit. Portions are in the North American range. I kicked myself for not trying their rotisserie chicken with a sauce that apparently took a month to correct. You have to pour your own water and waiters constantly tried to take half finished scotch away from you
$120 + tip for two courses plus a bunch of Glenfiddich.

In other news, the landlord for Goodnight bar is now a condo developer. Pearl from Harbourfront is expanding to the Bayview Village. And Grant van Gameren of Hoof fame is now at Lucien (huh?)
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About the only thing I did this week besides dropping by to renew club dues last night was go to a work lunch on Monday at The Keg at York & Adelaide. Had a couple of glasses of wine and a rare tuna + salad. Going to try Caplansky's tomorrow before going to the game at Skydome.

For those stuck on Air Canada, Campagnolo and Ici Bistro got named best new restaurants this year in the En Route magazine. Mt. Pleasant's Lai Toh Heen will be replaced by some kid friendly multinational cuisine fun house from the person who brought us Amaya and its many outposts.
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anyone know the name of that restaurant at Dundas and Euclid? I always walk by it and it seems pretty popular

edit: lol it appears you were just talking about it.
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I had a 2pm lunch yesterday at Caplansky's. Just had the smoked meat on rye. It was better than Druxy's or something but I'm not having a mind blowing orgasm after eating it. Yes, I could tell the difference between hand cut and machine cut but that's about it. Even though it was 10c outside, it felt like 25c inside. I had a Steamwhistle with it so I don't know if my taste buds were dulled and I wasn't ravenous after having a chicken pie for brunch.

I wanted to actually also try the BBQ brisket but oh well. Oh and Zane was there. No horror stories. Took awhile for service to get started but it was fast and quick after that. $25 + tip.
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I like the borscht at Caplansky's.

Have people been to Hrvati? Very good burgers (though it is a huge, fatty, fatty thing to tackle.) Run by Rodney Bowers, who also owns Hey Meatball and did the menu at the Gabardine. I am not a huge fan of Hey Meatball, though friends like it a lot.

Also had the fried chicken and waffles at Stockyards yesterday, which is awesome.

Oh, and I had a good brunch at Kensington Bistro a few weeks ago. Blood sausage and scrambled eggs. Would recommend. Not sure about the dinner menu, though.

Also, to pick up the Gabardine conversation, I will note that tall boys of PBR there are $4. Very good deal for the value conscious. However, their devilled eggs taste really weird.
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I had the deviled eggs once - didn't think they were particularly memorable.

Monday lunch was a business one at Portico. I had the salmon with greens and two glasses of white wine. Dining mate had an omelette and chips. Salmon was average, greens were your usual bok choy which so many people have done it's no longer special. Service was okay but then half the place was empty. The only redeeming thing was it was pretty quiet and you could listen to one's whispers. Dessert was a blueberry fruit pie; much too sour for my taste. All I know about the bill was the wine alone was $44.

Tuesday lunch was at Hiro Sushi. We got the toro sashimi and I had a sushi lunch. Dining mate had her sashimi lunch. She's not into big portions but even she thought the portions were too small. But at the end she was satiated and complimented the quality of the fish. You know portions are a problem when the menu has "sushi for one and a half" people. The wasabi was so potent I didn't feel hungry afterwards. Service, however, was excruciatingly slow. The hostess/waitress did everything and several people had to get up to wave her down to get the cheque. $66 including tip.

Wednesday lunch was at Rodney's By Bay. I had the tuna nicoise - other than the couple of green beans, I struggled to figure out how this was a salad entree. Plenty of tuna and olives though. Two glasses of wine and a cocktail ended up being $94 + tip. I was very surprised I walked in and got a table, and was able to get out in 60 minutes even though the place was packed.

Thursday lunch was at Modus - a new place on York & King I believe. It's just south of the new Earl's place. I went by when it was under construction and read about it recently in the paper. It's a classic Italian place. My dining mate was in love with the decor and the space itself. Me, not so much. It was a shade too bright and there are two double doors that open straight into the bar and bar area. The hostess station is recessed into the restaurant. I envision a lot of frowns when people go in & out of the restauarant during our -20c winters. Service was a bit strange. One chap came over and spent a good deal of time rattling off the specials and trying to be personable. Then he disappeared for the rest of the meal. Someone else brought us our wine and water and then asked us what we wanted. Still stranger, when we finished our entree and moved on to dessert, a third server showed up and the second one was nowhere to be seen even when I got the cheque. I had the mackeral, which was served on some pureed green peas. Dining mate had scallops. Both seafood dishes had a dash too much black pepper in my opinion. For starters we had tuna tartare. Good healthy portion for an appetizer but with the sauce and avocado, it was pretty greasy; more like something that goes on a sushi pizza. Espresso and cognac to finish off the meal. It was $169 in total.

Friday I believe I'm going to Whisky Live so I don't know what the night will entail.
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I only had a day and a bit this week in town so I did Yuzu for sushi and some Thai place that I'd rather forget because the best thing was the wine and the fruit flies that hovered around me.

For pizza fans in Toronto, Queen Margherita is expanding west to Lakeshore & Park Lawn with a take away capable place called Full Blooded Italian; opening December 1st. Libretto is opening east on the Danforth with a sous chef from C5 (post turmoil there) running the show and reservations will be allowed at the new place, although the latter will have a menu that goes beyond pizza.

And in the theatre district, Gabby gets a sister restaurant called Hush, which ironically looks exactly like all the other places there.
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Saturday dinner I spent $500+tip at George for a 4 person tasting course. No wine except a couple by the glass. We asked to be out in two hours for a concert later in the evening and the service staff delivered. Amuse bouche was a piece of a soft shelled crab. First course was some other crab and what looked liked chick peas, stir fry or something. Mine was the salmon tataki. Second course was a veal tenderloin with foie gras on a potato latke, you also had the choice of a quail on squash with foie gras. And the third was a water buffalo with a perogie or ribeye. Although they do ask if you have food allergies up front, I think it would have been beneficial for them to ask if you eat raw stuff and what level of cooking do you prefer your red meat. As it stood, some parties couldn't finish the centre of some of the beef and I switched for the salmon tataki to accommodate. Some of the meat was also rather tough. For the veal it could be cut with a fork because of the fatty cut but the water buffalo was tough. You really needed a proper knife. Foie gras was divine.

Otherwise, the pacing of the meal was okay - there was a long wait between the first and the second entree but after that it came at a nice rhythm. The cheese plate was neat but heavy and the dessert came with two sampler plates or a single apple tort. Because they knew we were going to Roy Thomson, they offered to call a taxi as well which was a nice touch.

Friday lunch was spent at BLD. I had the pappardelle shrimp. I didn't like the shrimp with the shells on in a pasta bowl (how the hell am I supposed to cut it?) and I thought the sauce wasn't spectacular. My dining mate had the seared tuna salad. She likes the ginger twist on it - from when I last came here the portions seemed to have increased including the tuna. Don't come asking for spanish coffee because they give you a latte foam or something on top of the usual brandy coffee mix. $50 + tip including a few glasses of wine.

Friday dinner was spent at Side Car. Romaine hearts in some of kind of cream dressing, steak and frites (they offer a 12 oz portion now, seems like everyone is increasing) and copious amounts of scotch and cocktails. Here they were also pitching pappardelle - as something new. Interesting for me. ~$240 tip included.

Thursday dinner at Epic meeting up with someone visiting town. It was 10pm so we had something "light" which included a cheese plate, lamb popsicles and calamari. The calamari batter was light. Lamb popsicles - okay not worth the cost of one entree at George and the cheese plate was pretty big and almost a meal by itself, although the selections skewed towards older aged cheeses. $153 + tip and a couple of whiskies.

In other news, I read in the Globe that Grant van Gameren, contrary to Toronto Life's report that he was working at Lucien, has been working behind the scenes at Entoeca Sociale and is now head chef there. There's also a candid account of his time at Black Hoof and how originally it was supposed to be just charcuterie and cheese plates with no hot food.
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Ki this weekend for the first time. The place is huge with very tall ceilings and wide booths that do not make for an intimate meal when it's just two for dinner. The menu offered a variety of regular sushi dishes with an equal number of contemporary dishes. The waiter forgot a side of the main order but the service was decent otherwise. Nothing spectacular overall. Likely won't return, my palette is not sophisticated enough to truly appreciate the 400% premium over my usual cheap sushi haunts.
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