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Ebay question

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Can someone please tell me the procedures and penalties involved in withdrawing an item on ebay that I have put up for sale? Thanks.
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The item can only be pulled if there are no bids and more than 24 hours left in the auction. Just click on site map on the home page and then click on remove an item. If there are people watching the item, they might be mad but there is no penalty for doing this.
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I've had sellers remove items minutes before the end of the auction because they were afraid the item was not selling for enough and they had neglected to put a reserve amount. I wrote to eBay and was told the seller may offer any number of reasons and eBay will support their decision. Bottom line: on eBay, a seller may withdraw an item at any time regardless of number of bids.
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Mano - that has changed. now the seller can't do that even when it makes sense. I accidentally relisted something twice recently and they refused to let me kill one of the duplicates. You can't end it late any longer.
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I believe its a within a 12 hour margin that you are able to remove a listing.
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