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Jantzen Shirts?

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Greetings, I'm ready to place my first order with Jantzen,(when they will let me). But, I'm not sure what to get,(so many styles and colors to choose from). I would like to order six, would you'll be kind enough to give some advice? Thanks P.S. I am aware of all the Jantzen quirks.
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They have a huge selection but I happen to like their 120s and twills which narrows down the choice a lot. I'm up to about two dozen different shirts from them and have stripes, checks and solids equally represented. About three quarters are double cuff and the rest two button cuff. All have a deep spread collar (#16). If you like, I can hunt through my records to see if I've saved the pattern numbers.
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I'm not sure this advice is practical anymore, but you should order just one shirt untill you've got the measurements down. Of course, with the turnaround times of late, this process may take years. Just be sure to err on the long side with the sleeve length. There is nothing more sad than a batch of great shirts with too short sleeves. Do a search for Jantzen here and you'll see some pictures that can help you choose fabric and details. If you like the pictures of my shirts, I can also send you the textfile generated by the ordering program. B
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Thanks guys, I'd appreciate any help.
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Good luck. I've been waiting four months on mine.
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While on the topic of Jantzen shirts: When you place an order, I would imagine you'd get someone to measure you up right? Or do you take shirts you own and take the measures from them? As the opportunity of having my 'own' shirts get closer, I find myself paying a little more attention to how a shirt fits me. In my mind I tell myself okay I like the length of this sleeve, the fit of this collar and the slim-fit of this shirt. Would it be appropriate to take the individual measurements of each of these shirts to attain final measurements for a Jantzen shirt? e
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Of course that would be a good way to get measurements for sleeve and shoulder measurements.
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I ordered my first shirt at the beginning of February and had my wife help with the measurements. Haven't received the shirt yet.
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I also ordered in February, and have not received my shirt. Nor have I received a response to my e-mailed question of whether I needed to send Ricky a second shipping address if my shirt was to arrive after graduation (mid May). For now, I'm looking at this as a good sign, as no response would signal no second address is required. This is, of course, wishful thinking on my part, as I know people have been waiting for much longer.
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I ordered mid december. No shirt. No e-mail reply to my inquiries.
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