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Assorted semi-responsive info: "Eliteranzug" means simply "Elite Suit" (idiomatically "One of the Elite Suit"). Samuelsohn suits are made exclusively in Canada to the best of my knowledge. In general they are notable for being a fully machine made canvassed suit-- they have virtually no hand-done elements other than a little bit of shoulder lining basting. Most Samuelsohns are single vented or unvented (I have never seen one under their own label with double vents), and it is a pecularity that they often feature three cuff buttons. The internal tag has CTSCU union markings, plus French/English bilingual notes.
I believe J. Press has been using them of late too. These criteria, by the way, describe the Press suits that are made in the USA, which I have. save, of course, the Cand. Union label markings.