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What exactly is "Saffiano" leather?

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I have no clue. Any ideas? The big fashion houses such as Prada seem to use it a lot these days. Is it another flavor of corrected grain?
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I don't know what the underlying leather is - but I believe saffiano refers to the imprint on the hide. The rough cross hatch on the leather makes it fairly resistant to scratches and keeps it looking new for a long time. No chance of developing a patina on it, but its great for contemporary pieces.
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I believe its corrected grain leather. Will not take polish and will not patina, but will look new longer.
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Bumping a very old thread but anyone have more experience with this?

I've been looking at a brief from LV in this leather in dark brown (very subtle, low key), but the thought of paying that much for corrected grain leather that doesn't take on a patina worries me.
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Real Saffian is a sumach tanned goatskin, which is embossed and brought to a high shine using a glass device. False Saffian is made of sheepskin. Both are very glossy (almost like lacquered) on the upside and dry an smooth on the downside. It used to be a very sought-after leather for boots and small leather goods as well as for bookbinding.
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Saffiano leather is tanned by one of Italy's most famous and prestigious tanneries. The mottled Saffiano grained leather is tanned with plant extracts, then deep-dyed. The two tones give the pattern special depth and modernity. Saffiano is water repellent and will resist scrathes.

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