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Fabric in NY

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I'm looking to purchase some fabric for a friend of mine to make me a jacket. I don't know what kind of pattern I'm looking for yet, but I definitely want someone loud and colorful. Can anybody recommend where to go to get fabrics such as that? Someplace that has some very outlandish stuff? I'll also need a lining which I'd like to be equally colorful. If I can get them in one place that would be great, otherwise, someplace where I can get the lining? Thanks, Dan
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39th Street and 40th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. You'll find at least 15 ground-level stores.
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There's a great store on Delancey street in the lower East Side, called Singer's. He has all of the best: Zegna, Loro Piano. Cashmere, mohair, silk blends, etc. He supplied the wool for the Aviator. He's a great guy, one of the last of these Jewish discount fabric sellers who used to be all over that area. His prices are very good, and he can recommend reasonable tailors as well. Spend some time talking to him as well.
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