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Sunday Times Magazine - special "men's fashion" ed

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i perused the NYT Sunday magazine this past, uh, sunday. it was full of articles'n'stuff about men's fashion. there seemed to be a pretty big emphasis on the suit, and its latest trend toward the suppressed waist and slim-fitting leg. 'curvaceous' i think they called it. there was a neat little page on peter beard, with whom i have been heretofore regretfully unfamiliar. piqued my interest, anyway. anyone else care to comment on the magazine? /andrew
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Yeah, I saw it and was pleasantly surprised. Not that it was perfect, but it was a really nice-looking book, with some solid content. If someone could round up these contributors regualrly, it would make a great quarterly... A couple of folks have made mention of it - see the Atrium article on hip clothes. Blech, mostly.
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FWIW one of the contributors, Tyler Brule' (darn accent), was the founder of Wallpaper magazine. He sold it off to a big publisher some years ago though. /andrew
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My girlfriend immediately threw it to me when we opened it up. It was nice to see the new line of Ralph Lauren Black label mentioned. Maybe my tastes are getting more refined, but it didn't seem to cover any new ground. More or less run of the mill filler. Maybe they just wanted to pander to their advertisers who regularly buy space. The focus on the return of the suit, with emphasis on a sleeker lines was nice, but it was the only coherent theme running through the supplement. There were tidbits here and there that caught my eye (ie mention or Ludwig Reiter, Berluti) but I would like them to do larger spreads and fewer soundbites. Still pleasant to peruse on a Sunday morning.
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Peter Beard-hmmm. Interesting guy. Between African adventures, affairs with supermodels and such, he has probably led the kind of life most of us wish we had. I think he's got a few years on me, which leads me to believe he's pretty long in the tooth these days.
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Yes, Peter Beard leads a charmed life. He has a true gift when it comes to women, and it's not just supermodels - he's been 'linked' to many beautiful women not of the supermodel variety (think Jackie O). He's a bit of a partier as well - he enjoys going through life a little bit "pixilated", as he describes it (lots of booze, weed, etc). In addition to his African spread, he also has (had?) a beautiful house out in Montauk....
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I thought it was a pretty lame issue compared to prior years' issues. In the past, I've hung on to the magazine for a few weeks afterwards to peruse and read/re-read. Not so for this one - -I read the suit article with (some) interest and enjoyed the pics of the Berluti's (does anyone really believe men are going to start wearing those ultra-thin suits from RL Black Label??), but I guess this year the magazine was true to its title: Men's "Fashion." I thought most of the photo spreads were completely "blah" and nastily "grunge." Fine clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. interest me; fashion and trends don't.
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