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Shoe sales 2

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I just read RJman's post on Andy's today mentioning a sale at Lobbs Paris, some selected models for Euro 150.. What are people seeing (just to make the rest of us jealous.) in your area? Today, I was in a store in the Hague and  saw great prices on these Santoni shoes: on sale for about Euro 250. For Heschung lovers out there, some shoes that I saw were the Ginkgo Support Lo in brown (this is the demi chasse norwegian welted boot) for Euro 140, Fayard in black (demi chasse with leather sole) for Euro 130, Aulne in black (side elastic leather soled boot) for Euro 130, plus others.   Sorry I couldn't post pictures because I don't know how to do it when the image is in a flash screen. EDIT: Heschung website: Heschung shoes
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I haven't been impressed by any of the NY or NJ sales I've seen so far. Shoes that have been marked down (the most I've seen is 50%) are generally not to my taste or unavailable in my size. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. <rant> Bergdorf Goodman marks down its Mantellassi's by 50%, but since they sell models worth Euro 450 for $850 in the first place, I don't feel like I'm getting that great deal. </rant> Thanks for listening.
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I've had my eye on those Santonis for some time now (in addition to the tan version of the wholecut shoe that A Harris is selling on eBay). Unfortunately for me, the best that I've seen on sale for the past nine months have been some Gravatis that I already own. Most of the stuff that I've seen is thoroughly disreputable. Of course, last spring, I picked up a couple of pairs of JL Paris non-Heschung shoes for under $300 per pair, so I shouldn't complain too much.
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