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Do your friends care about clothes?

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I'm just curious - How many of you have friends that care about clothing as much as you do? How many of you have friends that are registered on this site or others? Is there anyone with whom you can discuss the finer points of seven-fold ties and canvassed interlining? Before I started reading these pages I thought I was interested in clothes, and thought I had friends with the same level of interest. Now I find that I care much more and don't enjoy discussing clothing as much with these same people. Do any of you have similar experiences, or have you somehow found a way to enjoy clothing discussions with people who don't share your same level of sartorial knowledge?
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My wife is my best friend. But we have almost nothing in common in terms of sartorial tastes and thinking. I buy the best quality items I can find and afford. I meticulously care for them and expect them last for a decade or more. This holds true for me as many of my suits, shoes, ties, etc are over 10 years old. My wife treats her clothes as disposable. She throws her shoes out instead of resoling them, she buys new clothes for the color, not for the quality of the construction. She follows fashion trends and can't wear certain items in her closet as they are no longer "in style". I don't get it?
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Interesting question. I don't know anyone who cares as much as I do, though I am lucky enough to have many friends who are kind enough to notice and commend my sartorial efforts, to the extent that they can appreciate them. Happily, this forum provides its members useful information and a sense of community that I frankly doubt any other circle of acquaintance could equal. Thank you all. Etruscan
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I'm the same boat as Etruscan though I do have one friend more sartorially minded then the rest of them.
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It is an interesting question. Most of my friends are from my former job as a welder at a steel mill. That kind of enviroment does nothing to promote the idea of fine clothes. Now that I teach at a college, there are a few nice dressers, but I have yet to talk to them, most are not too interested in how they look. So I guess no, but I'm working on my wife to be more concious of what she is wearing.
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My wife buys cheap in quantity. Her "hobby" is exercise and appearance-she is and looks much younger than I do (fortunately). But she will tell me what looks good and what doesn't (often without provocation). We did buy "good" furniture (Drexel and Sherrill, just under cuffthis' Maitland-Smith level) and will keep it indefinitely. My old law school roommate buys from Mr. Ned in NYC and talks about it. I have a family member who posts on "Ask Andy" but admires "trad" more than I do. He's an Alden and English leather goods influence (which is positive, IMO-he takes care of his shoes and other goods) Nobody where I work cares one jot about or ever discusses clothes and no-one in my business dealings has ever mentioned the subject. The sources of information on the fora simply don't exist elsewhere. Style, deals, scope of knowledge are all surprising.
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I'm glad this forum exists, because I find that talking about fashion can be really painful and annoying unless you're in the company of people who know their stuff. In theory a lot of guys my age out there are ostensibly interested in clothes, but the vast majority don't really know or care about anything beyond Abercrombie, Diesel, Lacoste, and maybe some of the derivative diffusion stuff at lower end department stores. This becomes especially annoying when they treat dressing like a pissing contest despite not really knowing anything about it. So a lot of times those conversations can turn into a whole mess of bad advice and ego clashing. I'm actually glad in some respect that most of my friends don't really make a big deal about it. That's what I like about this forum: people here tend to realize there's always more out there and act reasonable, and those that are more assertive about their opinions tend to have the knowledge and experience to back it up.
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My friends take great care and time to choose clothes that will look like they spent no time or care in chosing their clothes--i.e., Gap generic--for they wish to look like all the other men in their peer group.
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My wife treats her clothes as disposable. She throws her shoes out instead of resoling them, she buys new clothes for the color, not for the quality of the construction. She follows fashion trends and can't wear certain items in her closet as they are no longer "in style". I don't get it?
It's different with girls/ ladies -
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It's funny - I bristle whenever anyone says that I'm into fashion. I consider myself into clothes: I love nice clothes, nice fabrics, etc. I've learned a lot about construction on this board, and appreciate it in my clothes that much more. But fashion? Like what Jean-Paul Gaultier is showing this season? I couldn't care any less.
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my grandfather used to wear chester barrie from carroll & co. he has passed away, and i'm the only one bearing the sartorial torch in the family. i don't have any friends that are into clothes except for one guy who's into banana and zegna.
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No one among my friends or associates care about clothes really. (I have met with someone locally who reads AA and SF; he and I have lunch periodically and discuss clothes, the board, etc.) My wife doesn't have a particular interest in clothes, although she always looks nice. She considers me to border on the obsessive. Most of my conversations about clothes tend to be with women, I fear. Apparently my great-grandfather was quite a clotheshorse, so perhaps I'm carrying a family tradition like matadorpoeta.
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It's tragic,truly tragic.Nobody cares as much about clothing in my world except me.The sad fact is I have a friend who could easily buy himself a boatload of bespoke clothing and fly to London in a Lear jet to have it made.Alas,he owns a lumber/building supply company and his work garb is relegated to Pendleton shirts and cords,with Timberland boots.(Yecch.)I tried my best to exert my sartorial influence over the 40 years I've known him.He thinks the jazziest thing he has in the way of fine clothing is a Luciano Barbera RTW suit he bought 5 years ago for $1500.Believe me,he could have a closet full of Kiton,Raphael,Huntsman,or whatever,but he'd rather plunk his "mad money" down for the newest Viper and Porsche,(he has both)and his vintage guitar collection.(He has about 15 museum quality guitars)Ah,well-to each his own,I suppose.
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I must hang around metrosexuals. A good number of my male friends care, even if they are not particularly well educated in fashion/style. Many of my female friends drag me around shopping with them for free consultations and styling. BTW, fanyone who can actually pay, I can kit you out in anything from Kiton to Yoko Devereaux, from boardroom to downtown, and guarantee that you'll like the stuff and have something you like that you might not have thought of on your own. Otherwise, your money back minus expenses. This offer extended to all but Manton. Everyone I know in the fashion industry cares as well, though many not nearly to the extent of those on this forum. For most of us, it's a hobby. For them, it's a job, a fun job, buyt a job nonetheless (spreadsheets and budgets have a way of sapping enthusiasm.)
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I know one person who cares. Nobody else. I'm teaching my sons, however.
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