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My grail item / life goal:

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One of these days....


Turbo S
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clothing related geniuses
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only grail that i can think of for myself. there's only one that i know of, and it's too big for me. woman at Barneys said i could get in touch with Tim Coppens and they might be able to make one to my specs. $$$ but I want it so fucking bad.
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DO IT. so perfect for you
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Originally Posted by lmaozedong View Post

DO IT. so perfect for you

dude I seriously wish I could. I'm guessing a 5-digit pricetag though to get it custom made. I don't know the price for this specific jacket but his other off the rack leather is over 4k so I'm guessing it would be significantly more, considering the rugs used are antique and blah blah blah

Although really, I think I could sell everything but a few pairs of pants and just have that and some basic shirts and be happy for a few years hahaha

that's why it's my grail smile.gif
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Wait it's leather? Made of rugs? I don't get it. 

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It's a rug with leather sleeves. I think.
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You could go on etsy and get the same thing madefor maybe 1/6  the price. I understand wanting the label though.

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Posted before in leather jacket thread. LV bomber. Not even sure if they made it past one season about 3 years ago. It's reversible calfskin with a cashmere lined interior.

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trying to find this coat, please halp

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