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Sean John store

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All right so I had time to kill on Sunday. After being appalled at the crap in the Penguin store. I walked Through the glitzy marble store front of Sean John. Located on 5th Ave at 41st street across from the NY Public Library. The store's location seems  so wrong. Again, I am not the typical Sean John Target customer. 47 year old, not into the hip hop world at all. I was wearing a beaten up leather jacket and a black hat with a stingy brim. I was not once asked if I needed help. The quality of the merchandise was actaully pretty good. Both piece goods and construction. Good asian factories. The pricing was not terrible. Of course I was not fond of the styling or the logo that was on everything. There was one shirt in a 5X. I don't think I have ever made anything that big before. They even had a canvas front suit that was made in China for $600. It was a decent make. But I know the mark up must be obscene. LDP that suit could not cost them more then $90. I do have a bit of a prejudice against the Sean John line. I made sample garments for two fashion shows. BOth times they were late in paying me. They needed shirts made in three days. I delivered on time. Why couldn't they pay me as quickly. I also had some personal dealing with Mr. Diddy as well. He wore one shirt in the show that I made for him. His manners left something to be desired. Lets leave it at that. Carl
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Farnsworth Bentley, PD's "valet", shops at Jay Kos. I think PD used to have his suits made at JK, and that he was "required" to purchase a minimum of 10 custom suits at a clip. And, "clip" is the appropriate word. Grayson
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i think farnsworth left the valet job as i recall reading that he's started up his own fashion label of some sort
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Farnsworth/Fonzworth is supposedly designing a line of umbrellas for Bloomingdale's.
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Has an amusing website at
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Actually, Sean John Blue denim is not bad either - not Earnest Sewn quality or Corpus innovative, but not at all bad for the pricepoint. I am just really, really turned off by P.Diddy and the image his clothes convey. It's too bad.
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Puffy's valet was named Bentley? Can you imagine him asking for the car: "Bentley bring the Bentley around". Jon.
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Maven thank you for the post. I have walked by the store and wondered - the merchandise in the windows did not look so hot but I figured that it wasn't being prepped very well.
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I don't mind some of the pieces, but good grief what a HUGE opportunity SC had to make a respected, huge clothing line- and that has not happened at all IMO. Of course that relates to what I wanted to see from it, not what his target market does.
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