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Ans Fashions?

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Hi All, I did a search on the forum but didn't come up with anything.  If they have been discussed before, then I apologize.  (And please point me in the right direction) They are advertising that they are going to be in Amsterdam on Wednesday of this week, and I was thinking about setting up an appointment.  (We don't often get Chan, etc... visiting our lovely city).  Supposedly they have been in business for 30 years, have a master tailor that has over 35 years experience, etc.. etc..   I've never heard of them though, and can't find any mention here.  Their prices seem absurdly low (they are advertising in a local paper 220 Euros for a suit and 29 euros for shirts). At those prices, if I can get them to just copy a couple of OTR suits that I have with some small tweaks, then it might be worth it if the quality is decent.  I just don't want to end up with a big pile of &*$#.  Even if it was &*$# at a good price.... Thanks in advance... K
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not familiar with this company, but i think the operative word in that price may be "From" their site prices suits from $350-950, and my suspicion is that the $350 end will get you crappy cloth produced in China (where the workmanship will almost certainly be undertaken irrespective of what their site says). im probably unnecessarily paranoid, but ive been chased around Hong Kong a few too many times by tailors to get ripped off. Some stories from cut price tailors around Asia (not specifically Hong Kong, but I dont see any reason to trust the Indian guys chasing me around Tsim Sha Tsui any more than the ones in Bangkok) - showing you one fabric, producing suit from another. Ive had this done to me with shirts, and when you complain, their English suddenly dries up. Keep a clipping of it if you can. The selvedges on any cloth they bring along can be questionable as well - they copy those (often with spelling errors). A wander through a market in Saigon yielded 6 different ways to spell Dormeuil and 4 digit threadcounts...yup they had a Super 2000. Normally if you INSIST on what you want, you will get it..but make sure you know before the meeting.
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Yeah, it is a bit suspect... Thanks for your reply.. I figured that the low price would be for the cheapo cloths, but maybe they could duplicate a Canali or a RL Polo that I have in some decent fabrics for about 400 odd Euros... I'm not looking for LP 120s or anything, just workhorse suits that I don't have to worry about. I wonder if its more hassle than its worth... I fit pretty well into OTR, and with the OTR deals that are out there right now, why bring on the hassle of bespoke and dealing with cut rate tailor shops??? K
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sorry, didnt mean to turn you off the idea - but certainly go in aware of the risks and ask the right questions, and im sure youll end up with something you are more than happy with.
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I am sorry to dig up a really very old thread but I was wondering if anyone had some experience they would like to share about ANS Fashions? This thread comes up in google right after a search for them and it seems to have as much information (next to none) as the rest of the internet on the matter.

A friend of mine from New Zealand recommended them to me for my next trip to HK. As a largish expat in Hiroshima I have a lot of issues with suit size and cut. I haven't tried made to measure before hence why I am looking for some advice.

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Wow, 2005, This sure is an old thread.
Well I encourage you to take your friend's advice.

I am a pretty big fan of ANS. I have been getting stuf from them for a while. I have always been happy with the quality, fit and the range of fabrics also I haven't heard anything bad from any of the friends\\family\\coworkers I have refered so I guess they are pretty consistant.
If you'd like I can post some pictures of their work.

They're a lot like Raja Fashions. Same sort of business. ie; guy comes to your city takes measurements and they make it in HK then ship it to you a month or two later. That said, they have a showroom in Kowloon, amusingly it is just up the road from Raja (seriously like 1-2 blocks tops, unless the memory is playing tricks :P).

If you do pay them a visit, be sure to let us know how it goes. I'm pretty sure they won't let you down.
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