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Jpress Location and others

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I'm gonna be in NYC tommarow and i dont' spend much time there.  I was wondering if someone could let me know the address of JPress.  I know this has also been convered places to go but the search hasn't been bringing anything up (it isn't even finding my post on internships when i type the exact name in).  So if someone could point me to that thread or just list places.  I've already got: Century 21 Syms Charles Tywhitt Paul Stuart I can't think of any other places so if anyone could list some with address i would appreciate it. thanks Nik Edit: i'm looking at these place to apply for a summer job and do some shopping. There are three filenes stores etc. I was wondering which ones are better and i should go to so i don't waste time at ones that aren't that good.
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J Press is on 44th Street, just west of Madison and around the corner from Brooks Brothers (the 346 Madison Avenue location).
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Paul Stuart is about a block from BB. Stop by Alden along the way and be tempted by the shell cordos. Tyrwhitt is about 5-6 blocks north on Madison from P/S. Century 21 is far downtown. I've never found anything worthwhile at the UWS Filene's--maybe I just didnt know when to look. NCT
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Edited for failing to read the original post thoroughly. There's an Allen Edmonds diagonally across from J Press. Bigger department stores may be looking to hire and always always fun to shop at: Bloomie's : 60th/Lex Saks: 48th/5th Barney's: 60th/Madison Bergdorf's: 58th/5th And don't forget the RL mansion at 72nd/Madison.
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Hey thanks for the response. The ones i've listed i already know where they are i was wondering if people could recommend additional places to go.
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Seize sur Vingt is a cool place to check out.  It's in NoLita, a little out of the way from most of the other men's stores. You may also want to take a look at some of the websites devoted to living in NYC. They have plenty of information on stores, boutiques, etc.  Try NY Metro or MUG.
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Paul Stuart is on the SW corner of 45th and Madison. BB is one or two blocks downtown of it, on the same side of the street at #346.
BB is on the NW corner of 44th and Madison. It's pretty much just next door to Paul Stuart.
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If you do go the Mansion, be sure to stop by Silvano Lattanzi, which is just down the street on Madison. I hadn't been in NYC since my clothing obsession reached new heights thanks to this group and I'd forgotten it was in the area. I walked by and glanced in the window, saw the gorgeous shoes and did a double take and went back to press my nose against the glass. I then looked up and realized it was Lattanzi. Alas, they were closed. But it is well worth a trip just to gawk.
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