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could people post some more info on the baldassini line. I know most hugo stuff isn't great but the one i bought today seems pretty nice, with great fabric.
It's the highest line. Fully canvas, etc. For the prices that are being bandies about on this thread, an excellent buy if you like the silhouette.
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Well, gentlemen, I tried on the very suit johnnynorman mentions at the Wrentham (Mass.) Boss outlet back in the fall and have been waiting for it to be marked down. Remembering that I've done well on other Baldessarini items at the end of the season, I was planning a trip down to Wrentham this Thursday. All the posts about the suit made me anxious, however, and so I called just now to confirm that it's still available in my size (38R). You guessed it: gone. Oh well. Having cut my bargain-hunting teeth in Filene's Basement, I know very well that one takes a risk in letting good things ride in hopes of a future markdown, but this is the first time I think I've lost out on something because of the StyleForum. I seem to have found the thorn on this rose.
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But it's still available in 40R. Etruscan, what had you thought about the suit when you tried it (FYI, the 40R has a different pants cut than the 38R, I think -- I remember looking at the 38R back in October.).
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Thanks for asking, JN3. Despite some initial hesitation owing to the scale of the windowpane overplaid (as well as its degree of contrast with the background), I thought it was a beautiful suit. I don't work in a conservative environment, unlike so many of you who are bankers or attorneys, and thus that objection was soon overcome once I slipped on the jacket. The 38 fit me like a dream (the coat of the 40 is not only big in the waist but a shade too long, which is a doubtful alteration). I didn't note a difference in the trouser from one to another, but then I don't remember trying on the trouser. It's a shame that it's gone, but I'm still planning a Wrentham trip on Thursday. I know many SF members hate Hugo Boss, but I've done very well there over the years and perhaps there will be something else nice (ideally, Baldessarini) left for me. If not, I may be reduced to scouring the racks at the Versace outlet. Etruscan
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Did either windowpane pattern look like this?  Nice suit, but I'm not sure I could pull it off in an office . . .
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The navy blue one is similar to that, yes. But since it's navy, the panes stand out more. In terms of the gray one, not really similar at all. The Isaia is more of a chalk stripe pane, whereas the Baldessarini was double tracked pins.
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I find this to be the case with almost every plaid I see.  I love the way it looks, I try it on and I end up looking like Al Czervik
And just what is wrong with that? It is because I aspire to be so well dressed that I read this forum.
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I was there today and picked up both 40R's in the grey and in the navy windowpane. They had a few suits left, which looked pretty deion sander like, actually come to think about it looking around the store it looked like the suits were designed with the NFL in mind. They are a bit big in the waist, wish they had a 38r cause when i tried them on they fit me perfect. On a side note i didn't realize i had that much competition in the 38r department.
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Neither did I. I thought you guys were my friends.
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