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Patterned suit question

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I have a question. Yesterday I was up at the Hugo Boss outlet and they had about 15 Baldessarini suits in various sizes and fabrics (all 3 season and winter weight soft flannels; beautiful hand on all of them). The price had been dropped to $199. (My wife refused to let me flip them on Ebay. ). Anyways, there were two in my size. The first was a brushed, dark navy flannel with a white, large windowpane pattern done in chalkstripes. (In other words, not a subtle windowpane at all). I wrote this one off as a bit too Deion Sanders for me (second opinions?). The second was a light grey heather wool/cashmere blend. It was also in a windowpane type pattern, but the lines were very fine ivory colored. The lines were double tracked. Anyways, looking at the coat or the pants alone, the pattern did not look at all Gaudy. However, when I put on the pants with the coat (I was wearing a very pale blue shirt, but didn't bring a tie in with me), something looked "off." It was almost as though the pattern enveloped me. I didn't buy it for this reason. So, I'm wondering whether anyone else has had this experience -- where the pattern looks great on the hanger, but just doesn't work when wearing it. And I'm wondering whether the base color of the fabric may have had something to do with it (in other words, whether it would have looked better in charcoal gray).
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I've had the same experience with some patterns. Looks great on the hanger or in swatches, then you put it on and it doesn't quite look right. I often find this to be the case with large scale windowpanes or plaids, where the coat looks fine and works well as an odd coat, but when you add the pants it is a lot louder look than expected. I do think that the base color has something to with it--high internal contrast plaids and windowpanes seem to be the ones that always look a bit "off" to me also.
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Were there any in 38R (I know you're somewhere around my size but I forget whether or not you're 38 or 40)? I'm somewhat tempted to give them a call.
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Any 43R? or 43S?
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Is this not perfect for eBay flipping? Baldessarini is desirable, good fabric and contstruction and patterns that look good in pictures. Just make sure you have an ironclad no-returns policy... B
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What Hugo Boss outlet?
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Wrentham, mass. www.premiumoutlets.com will give you the number. I didn't notice what sizes exactly, but they went from 38R to 46R, I think. Mostly "edgier" patterns. Some of them would actually make terriffic sportcoats, I think. You could probably call and they'd help you out. Tell them they are in the back right hand corner of the store, priced at $199. There are also 3 navy blue single breasted overcoats on sale for $180. Really nice for the price -- sizes 44L, 46R, and 48R I think. In addition, really luxe cords are only $40 (I should have bought a pair but didn't). Tan color only I think. Medium slim fit.
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Damn, I called and they don't take orders over the phone. If any of you in the area plans on stopping by, PM me, would you?
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I was planning on going this weekend b/c the snow got the best of me on Saturday and I was unable to drive out there. I will let you know later if I decide to go.
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I find this to be the case with almost every plaid I see. I love the way it looks, I try it on and I end up looking like Al Czervik
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There's worse things in life...Like making 14 dollars the hard way. Great kid, great kid. Now I know why tigers eat their young.
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If anyone goes i would be willing to buy a 38r from them.  I picked up a sport coat today at the one in woodbury commons.  I'm trying to get there on friday but its 3 hours out of my way, can't decide. could people post some more info on the baldassini line. I know most hugo stuff isn't great but the one i bought today seems pretty nice, with great fabric.
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Your wife may have done you a bit of damage... I can't imagine you having too much trouble flipping those for twice the price unless they are coyote ugly.
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So i convinced my GF to take a road trip with me tommarow. I'm gonna call and see if they have any 38R or 40R's left and if they do i'm going. I'd be willing to pick stuff up for people if they want figure if you back out i could do what others said and flip them on ebay.
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I'm interested in 38-40Rs, depending on fit. Let me know...
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