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banana republic vs jcrew

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in terms of style, price, quality, etc what would you rate better?

i understand that the style is a bit diff between these two comparisons but overall what do you guys prefer?
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j crew hands down. higher quality, more stylish, better fit, etc.
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Better cut, fit, range, prices (sales and discounts), awesome website, good service, better materials, better constructions, collaborations, etc etc...

It's not even a contest.
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One more for J.Crew... But I'm really starting to dislike their shirts.. the sizing is always different on every shirt (esp the length). Still a good cheap alternative though.
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Another for Jcrew...
It's cheaper and its more interesting. BR to me just seems kind of plain and overpriced for what it is. Also helps that I like Jcrew's asthetic.
Jcrew's sales have been very good lately
S&D wise- they seem to have a lot more casual/street stuff than BR... whereas BR is more the place to go for the run-of-the-mill biz casual wear.
Though I do really like the BR beeswax desert boots that i have...

-Though as far as Jcrew's website- it gets real annoying how its down seemingly every 5 min
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BR menswear is quite boring, except for a few pieces every season. If you can find some basics on sale, go for it. JCrew for menswear is hands down way better in every way. For womenswear, JCrew is consistently good. The vintage inspired stuff BR came out with last season was amazing and my girlfriend looks great in it. I thought BR womenswear was pretty solid until I saw the stuff they have in stores yesterday, it is just gross and better suited for Talbot's.
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BR's quality is pure crap
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Obviously J. Crew >>>>> BR.

It's interesting that it was quite the opposite in the early '90s - BR had a unique safari feel and was pretty upscale, while J. Crew used to be an RL ripoff.
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j.crew hands down, br quality is not upto the mark.
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J. Crew has a more focused aesthetic and refined fit and produces far more pieces that I would actually consider buying. Last time I was in a BR, I thought I was in the Calvin Klein or INC sections of a Macy's--racks and racks of hideous striped shirts and baggy trousers. BR caters to your clueless low-level business professional who wants to look "nice" on more casual days at the office. But taking BR to task for "quality" and price in comparison to J. Crew is silly. There isn't a marked difference in overall quality (not to say that either is very good or that one might not sometimes be better than the other). As for price, the two are comparable in most areas. Quick random comparison: Retail for 100% cashmere crewneck...J. Crew $188.00; Banana Republic $180.00. J. Crew sales are often good, but BR sales and special promotions are ubiquitous throughout the year (J. Crew really only doles out generous % off coupons around the holidays). And as for the website, is a debacle. The site is riddled with bugs and distribution over the past year has been incredibly spotty (they have lost millions lately trying to fix their fucked up site). GAP co.'s web presence is much better run and far more reliable (even if the clothes aren't as appealing).
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BR Quality sucks
Only brand i've had multiple things fall apart...

JCrew wins in every category for me
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It depends on what you buy in both places. I have some great BR pieces and some great J. Crew pieces. At J. Crew, you can probably walk in and find something good without any problem, but at the same time, there are a few items I don't find very "age-appropriate" for me. At BR, you just have to be a lot more careful and selective. I've found great stuff on clearance that, while it may not beat j. crew in terms of style, is certainly serviceable in terms of fit and look.

I have a great BR short-zip jacket that I love; a great pea coat, slim and modern-looking; same with a blazer, some cashmere v-neck sweaters, and a few dress shirts (plain, not the bold striped kind every SF member complains about). And while their khakis aren't the slimmest I've ever owned, they are inoffensive, well-made, durable, and comfortable.
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Originally Posted by constant struggle View Post
BR Quality sucks Only brand i've had multiple things fall apart... JCrew wins in every category for me
There was a point in my life when about half my closet was courtesy of BR or J. Crew. Nothing ever fell apart on me from either brand (with one exception noted below). I still have an overcoat, a spring jacket, and a blazer from BR that have held up very nicely over the years. Sweaters from both brands are pill-happy and unimpressive for the most part (although I have a silk-cashmere one from BR that has held up well). Most BR shirts are fugly, so I don't own any aside from one or two, but they haven't exploded or anything. BR's jeans are the only thing I can think of that are completely horrendous in terms of quality. I had a pair back in high school that started to fray in the crotch, along the back pockets...really everywhere...after about one week of light wear.
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I liked a lot of last summer's BR polos. Nice slim fit without being overly tight, and for the most part, their colors weren't terribly off-putting.
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Originally Posted by Robert View Post
I liked a lot of last summer's BR polos. Nice slim fit without being overly tight, and for the most part, their colors weren't terribly off-putting.
I think a lot of people are put off BR because of the massive amount of utterly horrendous shit they produce. But if you know what to look for and you have a store with a large enough men's department, it isn't hard to find some nice basic tops on sale in the summer months. I prefer slightly looser fitting and lighter tops in summer anyway, and their cotton and linen slim fit smalls are the right proportions for me.
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