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A funny story...or,

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Had a funny conversation with my mother this evening that I thought others here might find some humor in, as I did. Backstory: Some of you will recall that I was/am looking to buy a tux for my wedding and beyond.  While I was home last weekend, I meant to stop by Carlton's, a menswear shop known for carrying the 'nicer brands'.  Long story short, they were closed, time was short, and I had to leave. Tonight: My mother calls to tell me that she had stopped in to Carlton's since I hadn't the chance to.  She informs me of their tux situation, and basic pricing.  It was about what I figured it would be. THEN: She says, "That's an expensive place. Like the kind of store Grandpa would shop at." (My grandparents are more well off than we.)  Continuing, "Mike was looking at a suit in there, and they wanted $1200 for it."  I, of course, ask the brand/cut/color of said suit.  "Oh, just a regular grey suit; European, though.  Callina, or something like that."  "Canali?", says I.  She says, "Yes, that's it.  Can you believe that?" So I tell her about A Collection of Sartorial Excellence, the SF, and a few things I've learned here so far.  She has now come to the conclusion that it's a good thing I'm going to medical school; otherwise, the lot of you may be a bad influence on me   My fiance, on the other hand, wanted to take a picture of what I was wearing on Saturday for the forum, and will thank you all 'till the end of time.   That is all.
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I get similar statements from my mother (and I'm probably a decade older than you.). I try to smile and keep my mouth shut.
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l like your avator Alan C. A good lookin' frog indeed. l still reckon my avator is the best though.
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Yes, my Mom, too, had this sad habit of wearing Kabbaz blouses with Walmart pantsuits.
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