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Suede/leather specs

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For Spring, Brooks is selling black/white and dark brown/white spectators with the contrasting white part being suede, instead of the usual leather. To me, that is much nicer. Contrasting leather in white always looks too plastic. Thes are beauties. They carry the Peal label and are by Alfred Sargent-$378.
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The AS brown & white spectators I saw at the Beverly Hills Brooks did not (I'm 99.9% sure) use suede. The white leather looked very bright and plasticky. In all, they looked very cheap compared to the Edward Green Spectators (RLPL) I had been admiring minutes before at the Polo Shop. Perhaps the Eddie Greens blinded me to the merits of the Brooks/Peale offerings. In fairness, the RLPL/EG spectators cost $850, a lot more, alas, than the Peales.
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If they're the Alfred Sargent specs with white leather, they're probably from the classic line. If so, you're likely to be better off ordering them from pediwear - as I believe they're only 75 or 80 pounds after eliminating VAT. Even with the bad conversion due to the weak dollar, shipping, and any possible customs hit, you should still come out way ahead.
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