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I was in Palm Beach once in the second floor of the Ralph Lauren store and Wayne Gretzky was there with his family and I was looking for a shirt and he pointed to a wide spread (this was back in the T&A RLPL days) blue oxford shirt with French cuffs. It was a very nice choice indeed and I ended up buying it. Jon. Edit: oh, yeah I saw Bob Dole in NM in Bal Harbour.
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I saw John Travolta in the J Crew outlet in Freeport, Maine a few years ago. I'm not sure what he was doing there. Come to think of it, I'm not sure what I was doing there. I also saw Conan O'Brien riding the green line in Boston a few years ago. This was before he became really popular. As far as I could tell, no one else recognized him. Jeff
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I met Penelope Cruz in Montreal.  It was a classy club where I met her and I was talking to her without even knowing that she was Penelope Cruz.
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I rode an elevator with the guy from Home Improvement once.  We exchanged "heys".  He was wearing wraparound sunglasses and the denim tuxedo with cowboy boots.  Not a great look.
"Oh no. I've killed Wilson. Looks like it's back to jail for me. Argh argh argh argh." Never met anyone famous while shopping, unless you count a contestant on Australian Big Brother. Which I don't.
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I saw Dave Chapelle at the Barney's Warehouse Sale a few weeks ago. The guy pulls down 6 mil a year - why shop at the warehouse sale? Eh, a bargain's a bargain I guess.
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Let's see working in the garment center in NY I see a lot of the designers. I've ridden in an elvator with Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and Carolina Herrera. I have passed on the street Betsy Johnson, Tommy Hilfiger, Dana Buchman and others I can not remember. I was shopping in Barney's next to Ed Bradley as we both looked for socks. Spoke to Jerry Orbach in Saks he was buying socks. Do celebrities like to pick out their own socks? Salma Hayek came in to the showroom once to pick out clothes. Michael Phelps, Amanda Beard and Natalie Coughlin all came in to pick out clothes too. I have seen Laura Bush a number of times as she comes to NY to meet with designers, kind of hard to get anywhere near her though. The secret service tends to frown upon that.
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I ran into Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley at Davide Cenci about five years ago. It was a bitterly cold day and he was entertaining her with trying on a "mad bomber" hat with earflaps. She didn't seem too amused despite his efforts to charm but he wound up buying the hat.
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Rosie Odonnel lives in my town - a while back she approached me on the street and asked me some questions about my tatoo, pretty invasive questions, and then started to show me her's - a lot more of her skin than I would have wanted to see. I had no idea who she was, I just was humoring her and figured she was some local wako until my wife told me who she was and what she did. William Hurt also lives near by, he eats at the pizza place down the street from us, and I have run into him. taller than I expected. I have flown with Bill Murray, he actually seems very down to earth.
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I've, um, met Richard James... think I scared him.
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My first job in NYC was working the main floor in The old Barneys at 7th ave and 17th st. this is 1980. Sold a sweater to Jackson Browne My fave moment was when Bill Murray wandered over to my counter and sort of slurred the question. "Where do they keep the masseuse?" Carl
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I saw Luciano Pavarotti shopping in a Manhattan store. A crowd formed outside just to watch him through the windows.
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My favorite moment along these lines happened a long time ago: With a friend, late at night, I was walking by the ol' O'Farrell Bros. Theatre in SF; as we walked by, who did we see standing there but the late, great tennis star Vitas Gerulaitis. As die-hard tennis fans, my friend and I both did a double-take and stopped dead in our tracks. Though he seemed a bit sheepish about being "discovered" at such a place, he was gracious and shook our hands and said "good luck to you". Years later, I remembered this little exchange fondly when I learned of VG's untimely death... RIP. Not exactly related to clothes, except by virtue of the fact that VG was always VERY well attired -- both on and off the court.
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How appropriate thsi topic has come up, two weeks ago I was at Banana Republic in Toronto and saw Andre 3000. Then later on I saw him again at Club Monaco.
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Spoke to Jerry Orbach ...
RIP I shook hands with Prince Charles once. Not in a clothing store, though. Also shook hands with then VP George Bush I. Even more impressive, ate lunch at a table beside Tubby Smith. He chatted a little, too. Saw Dell Harris at an airport.
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I stepped on Ellen Burstyn's foot when she was in Georgetown filming the exorcist.
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