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Hickey Freeman Hand-Tailored pics

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A lot of the shots didn't come out.  And Imageshack is acting weird (uploading some but not all of the pics).  But I've given some up close shots of the stitching and fabric, and also a straight on shot of me.  As you can see, I'll probably want to take in the waist an inch (right?), but other than that it fits like a glove.  I wish I could have taken a good side shot, but they just didn't come out right.  The coat is double vented though (with pattern matching at all seams). Hand-felled collar with fabric folded under:pic 1 Hand-stitched lining (pic inaccurate as to fabric color).pic 3 Straight-on shot of me wearing the suit.  Pretty accurate of fabric color.  You can see the lapel rolling over the top button.  [Unironed shirt by Jantzen -- with no collar stays in. -- dark green tie by Hickey Freeman. pic 2 No pics of the pants.  But they are double pleated (not that deep of pleats) and have a fob.  Quarter pockets, belt loops, braces buttons.  Less baggy than a typical Hickey suit.  Not so much different in cut than my Purple Label suit pants, though with a slightly lower rise.  Best OTR suit pants I've had the pleasure of wearing Edited because I'm an idiot.
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Wow. Great suit and great fit. That's amazing off the rack/no alterations fit.
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You'll see in the pic that I'm leaning a bit to the right, which is why the right shoulder is a bit lower. A bad habit of mine, thanks to golf.
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Thanks, Alan. I wish I were a better photographer. The shot of me is taken at a very slight angle. You can notice this because the jacket doesn't perfectly line up with the crotch of the pants (but in real life it does). It does fit incredibly well. If I took a pic of the back, you'd see that there is no excess fabric under the collar at all. Only my MTM suits have fit that precisely in that area.
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I agree about bringing in the waist, at least as it shows in the photo. Otherwise, a good fit and a good buy.
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The closeup detail pics are horribly out of focus. Unfortunately, most digital cams with autofocus tend to do this sort of thing.
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Looks pretty darn good to me. Really RTW, no alterations?
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Looks pretty darn good to me.  Really RTW, no alterations?
Yep. Sorry, Alias. What I should have done was do a far away shot and then use picture edit software to zoom in. I'll do that later and post again.
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bump to make sure that all those who doubted that I would post pics see that I did.
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yeah, I saw 'em. credit given.
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Perfect for the hoedown.    Seriously, nice suit.
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I'll be applying for a legal position at the Department of Agriculture next year and thought it'd be just perfect.
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Very nice-looking suit. I like the fabric.
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Simply a wonderful good buy. Modrately tight shoulders with a little waist nip, and just enough flair at the waist so that the hip fits very well. How I wish I could find anything close to that fit for full price. The fabric appears to be equally striking - just a bit of shine - but maybe that is the camera flash. If it is, you will look great in the press release photos. And to think, just a plain old American Made Hickey.
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Lets see if I can follow simple instructions. Pictures from handmade HF The colour and feel are TDF. -
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