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Originally Posted by Stazy View Post

I've never been.

Update: I've been once. Wasn't impressed, won't go back.

I was in there for like thirty seconds before a stripper walked up and asked if I wanted to "see her cunt". I replied with "not right now" and then got laughed at by my friends.
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for those hating, dont knock it until you've tried it. i used to 'not see the point' until i went to vegas once. first i made the rookie mistake of letting two strippers buy me a drink. but the night was redeemed when this other stripper pretty much fell in love with me and gave me free lap dances all night plus put her phone number in my cell. (later realized she was probably high as f*** but who cares) memorable night for $60. however, one of our buddies ended up with 5k on his credit card after getting out of control lol8[1].gif

otoh, i've seen inside some DC strip clubs from outside and they looked horrifying. i'm dying to check out the nyc ones now that i live up here but i dont have a solid crew to roll with.

but then again i'm not sure about going with friends. kind of weird to hang out with a bunch of other guys getting lap dances. plus my friends kinda cock blocked me that night. so next time i may go solo and see what other kind of strippers i can pick up
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I go if a group of friends wants to go but it's never really my choice of places to go. I just kind of feel indifferent about them. All the strippers just view the customers as cash dispensers and I could never pop a chub in a strip joint if I tried.

I just got back from a bachelor party and it was the first time my current girlfriend and I had any sort of discussion on the strip club subject (been together about 7 months). She was a little uncomfortable with it, made one big deal about it once when she drank a little too much and we got into a big fight. She didn't understand why, if I claimed I was pretty much not interested in strip clubs, I had to go for my only brother's bachelor party. I told her I flat out refuse to ditch my brother at any point during his bachelor party and I won't be "that guy" who stays home while the rest of the group hits up a strip club. I think she got over it after some smoothing things over and I have a suspicion one of her girlfriends calmed her down about the whole situation too. I mean, I go to a strip club maybe once every 2 years if that, and it's never my proposed idea, just something I end up tagging along with if everyone else wants to.

I lucked out, one of the other guys on the trip was pretty much on his phone the entire time being reamed out and guilt-tripped by his girlfriend about going to any strip clubs. Spent a good 30-40% of the time outside on his phone while we were inside the strip clubs. Poor sob.
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When I was 18 I went to a strip club in a gold mining town in Peru.

The place was incredibly drab. There was an off-white coloured stage at about waist height with battered round wooden tables set around it and booths around the edges of the room. The floor was plain, roughly finished, wooden boards with all kinds of dubious stains on them, the walls were similar. The only real decoration was a couple of neons advertising booze and a lot of dusty tinsel streamers and foil banners of the sort you can buy at cheap party shops. The routines the strippers did were incredibly bad, think kids gymnastic display, but with naked slightly chubby Peruvian women and set to 'Eye of the Tiger'.
There were little booths with curtains just outside young couples who didn't have their own places could rent to have sex without their parents finding out.

One of the girls came over and gave me a dance, she told me I could do anything I wanted to her, all night long, for what must have been around $10. She said she needed money to get out of the town and go to University. The dance was incredibly unerotic mostly I thought about how much I regretted wearing shorts that left so much of my leg bare.

It remains one of the more depressing experiences of my life, and I have never been to a strip club since.
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Best lap dance I've ever had was at a stripclub in the "red light" district of Zurich (Langstrasse). Friend was showing me around and bought us two chicks for a $200 bottle of champagne. Had them as long as we had the bottle which was about 30 mins or so. He didn't seem all that into it since he has a girlfriend but both girls were eager to go to town on us so I had my fun.

Most expensive dance I've ever had was at Hustler Club in Baltimore. Spent $500 on a dance for myself and a friend (he paid me back a few weeks later). We were drunk and stumbled in during a torrential downpour late one night after a concert at Sonar. Lost track of time while my smoking hot girl did her thing...
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I quickly grew weary of the typical ones like those in the States. I like 'em really raunchy. Bangkok's Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza. No-hands bars are great. Tokyo has some great clubs in Roppongi and Shinjuku. Some have audience participation shows - the others applaud very politely when you're finished. Pink salons provide an interesting take on table service. Actually the clubs in Tokyo are more like sex clubs and less like strip clubs.
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I know a girl that used to be a stripper and even played in a porno, she is now an accountant and married to some geekgineer. Not much interesting to say about strip clubs, in MTL it's like one of the booming business w. escorting so everyone is a fucking stripper.
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Went to a pretty sleazy strip club in Dundee, Scotland. Some of the girls were actually almost ok looking, for Scots, and some friends and I all chipped in 20 quid each (five of us), and watched two strippers eat each other out for ten minutes. That was interesting. Worth it once, but I don't think I'll be going back.
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man I haven't been in a strip club in ages.
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I'm part of the "only go every couple of years, when someone else suggests it" crowd. Mostly I've found it depressing, but a few weeks ago I went out in NYC with some work colleagues and had a blast - the local guy was greeted like a celebrity when we walked in, and all the girls knew him by name and gave our group lots of extra attention. It was weird thing learn that a co-worker is that much of a regular at a Times Square strip club, but it made for an especially fun evening.
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Agreed that the Canadian tit bars are top notch. Anything goes.
I was at one in the UK with about 6 friends when it turned out that one of the strippers (who was close to the door as we were going in) was an ex gf of one of the guys so we got in for free and they put on a private lesbo show for free for us. We stayed there for a couple of hours and spent a fair bit but when we left to go to a club, we arranged for a few of the girls to come for a party at my friends place later.
So about 3 am there's about 8-10 guys, about a dozen strippers, booger sugar, wine, beers, vodka.......fuck me that was a party. That was about 13 years ago though.
I haven't been to a strip club for many years and would never really get the incination to do so (maybe because I have kids now)- it has normally only been done under duress when out with a bunch of guys. Last time I went the place was full of eastern european chicks and i'm told they will do anything you want for the right price. I must admit that the human trafficking element does bother me though.
I still like a nice set of tits however
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Originally Posted by Stazy View Post

Update: I've been once. Wasn't impressed, won't go back.

I was in there for like thirty seconds before a stripper walked up and asked if I wanted to "see her cunt". I replied with "not right now" and then got laughed at by my friends.

For what it's worth, this is not a hallmark of a quality establishment.
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I only seem to go nowadays with blokes who got married too early and need some kind of excitement. As I'm unmarried, for me it's a rather amusing time. Would I go by myself for entertainment - probably not.

I was staying down the block from one in London however which advertised now they have AC. It was in an old building so it was believable they never had it before but I wonder what it must have been like on the sweltering days to be stripping in an establishment without AC. It either could turn out very good or very bad.
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I remember going to a place in my early twenties and complaining about the size of the two required minimum Buds for $4. I used to have trouble staring at a girls crotch or boobs as something just didn't seem right. The place we went to didn't have very high quality girls but we were very limited in our city. Now 30 years later, we have a great place with a lot of girls visiting from other cities. They say they make more money here and enjoy our club, good for us. I don't seem to have trouble looking at any part of these women now as I figure they are putting it out there for me to look at for the few bucks I pay. I get an occasional lap dance but usually feel a little uncomfortable and wonder where she has been. Also, I get quite a lot of variety for a dollar at the stage. These girls here will rub their tits in your face at the stage for a $1. I feel like they deserve it for their effort as some of them don't seem to get much at the stage. I hate the high pressure sales pitch some evenings and one night in San Francisco I had on girl blow out the candle at my table and put the menu over the top of it. I asked her why she did that and she said it told the other girls that I wasn't interested. This place was outrageous as you didn't get a lot for a $20 lap dance, in fact the girl wouldn't even take her top off., she said she saved that for the VIP room which was $300+. I love Shotgun Willies in Denver as the girls are very friendly and it doesn't cost and arm and a leg.
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