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fun on a business trip with a group of colleagues. never otherwise.
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Strip clubs here are a bit different than the ones I went to in the United States, and by different I mean anything goes. And by anything goes, I mean if the acidicwife finds out I go there I'm gonna need a futon. Me and my regular drinking buddies have visited this particular place just to put something new in our rotation of places to go drinking in. We never paid for anything other than the beer, and have no plans in doing so- we just kinda figure out that we need to have a change of scenery sometimes.
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I take a trip with the guys every few months or so to our local favorites. Usually it's just that we need a night to let off some steam, get rowdy, and get stupid. Personally, I get really picky about who I pay to dance on me as I don't feel like shelling out if I'm not going to be into it. The other problem is that EVERYONE in the club knows who the hot ones are so you either have to wait your turn or settle for something a little less but that's more likely to be paying more attention on you than the line behind you. Translated: more often than not I sit and watch than pay andtouch (which is more than acceptable down here.) I remember one time I went with a poker buddy to one of the more expensive clubs to try to find something quality. We went in to find the hottest while most affordable/willing girl and recruit her to be our "waitress" for our poker night later on in the week. Obviously we did this below the radar but it worked and the guys were pleased at the busty help we hired for the evening. Holdem's surprisingly difficult to play when faced with a pair.
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post
holy shit I was going to post something similar

where did you go to hs??


Word, son.

Went to Archbishop Spalding, although depending on when you were in the area, it could have been Archbishop Martin Spalding.
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I'll only go to a strip club if someone is playing a joke on my corpse. When I was in college, I had this three semester long project with the same group of guys -- six engineers. We mostly got along fine, it was a fun project, but there was this one guy who liked to push buttons occasionally. One day as we were filing into class he suggested we have our project meeting at a local strip club, I said, fine, but not with me. So he starts taunting me about why we can't have our meeting at a strip club. He's got an audience now and he's on it, he's not going to let it go, so I said, "John, I don't think you really want me to explain." He's like, "no, I think we would love to know." I said, "you're not old enough to get in." It was a total pwnage moment. Sorry, buddy, wherever you are, Huntsman
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I've never been. Don't think I would enjoy it at all.
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I enjoy strip clubs, especially with a good group of friends, but find hookers much more satisfying.
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I dont really have a problem with it, but have never been. Unless you count the time my dad took my pregnant mum to a stripclub...Crazy happie parents...

Anyways, it never really came up, and, at least here, there are too many stories of people being druged and wake up with VISA bills of several thousand dollars...

Plaus, at normal clubs here, girls tend to get naked on a ragular basis anyways...
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Not for the past few years (although acidicboy, maybe I'll pm you if I ever find myself in your corner)

While I was in Toronto recently, had a friend try to convince me to accompany him to a certain place on King west. Alarm bells. Next morning, he looks bad, but tells me it's more from being sick that he and his two good-time buddies dropped $1500 - 2000.
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Originally Posted by quevola View Post
At that point, consider her a prostitute.

That's what I'm getting at. What percentage of strippers do you think would have sex for the right price? I've always put it at 90%.
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Originally Posted by ken View Post
That's what I'm getting at. What percentage of strippers do you think would have sex for the right price? I've always put it at 90%.
i would think the percentage is hundred percent. but honeslyt why go to a stripp club when you just havem some better lookign prostitutes in your home for proabaly 50%less money.
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its the only place in this town where one can get a beer after 4 in the morning, every other bar closes at that time so yeah, but a friend of mine got kicked out of the strip club because he wasnt paying attention to the strippers, him saying that the conversation was more interesting did'nt help
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Originally Posted by quevola View Post

It is pretty creepy to me. Never understood why people like to go to strip clubs. Sure I like boobies and booties as much as the next guy, but it's not like you get to bang the strippers.

depends on how you tip and how good your game is. I have banged a few strippers. they are just chicks with fucked up heads and a poor outlook on life who like sex. if you need drama in your life and don't mind spending $200 listening to Whitesnake and paying for $10 beers, go for it. I only go since it is one of the few places I can smoke a cigar indoors anymore. I now go to clubs that are rundown so I am not tempted to spend $$ on the girls and can get happy hour priced drinks
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Like gambling it seems more of like a night out with friends every once in a while. If it becomes too common/routine then it sort of becomes sad.
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Three or four times a year. I've got a friend who goes on the regular for strip club happy hour and the lunch buffet and so on - ugh. No thanks.

If I go, I want to go with some friends, all of us dropping at least $300-400. In and of itself, I don't find seeing seeing titties that exciting - I can't really play with them, and the only reason they're paying attention to the patron is for cash. I only get something out of it if you make the visit an event.
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