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What a great site.

Thanks, doc.
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hey ... got a slightly tangential question for the thread. how white is too white for teeth? is it possible? I'm about to conclude an arduous 4 years of braces/jaw treatments, and I always told myself going in that I would get my teeth whitened afterwards as a "reward." im not sure if it will be "necessary" after getting the braces removed. my teeth are generally OK colored no bad stains, fairly white and natural looking. so this would be going for next-level whiteness. im just wondering is it even desirable or does it just look weird in person? those who have gone ultra-white what has your experience been?
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Where have people been buying/getting trays made online?
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I bought whitening trays for my mother two years or so ago and I used the same service I had used previously for my own set (DDSwhite). Looks like their website has changed ( I haven't used this new website but I was happy to do business with the company in the past and never had any issues. Looks like there's a phone number so you should be able to call and get whatever information you need.

I originally whitened my teeth to remove stains that had been left from dental work when I was younger (mostly tiny marks left over from braces). I haven't whitened my teeth in probably two years now and noticed stains forming in some of the old places where the braces had probably removed some of the outer enamel. Too bad I can't find my trays now -- might order another set.

Edit: seems like Amazon has a lot of vendors now too.
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Alright...we will see how they work out. Prices seem very reasonable.
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Hello, Gents

Just tried and finished the Crest Whitestrips. I picked the 14-day (Power #3 type). 30 mins per day for 14 days. Worked great. My teeth are much whiter.
My friend said she noticed my teeth were 'a bit' whiter after my third day of use. But overall I would say it was gradual.

That's my two cents.nod[1].gif
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Been very happy with the above vendor. 22% burns the gums like a mother fucker for a few minutes though.
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I found some great sites and great ideas for teeth whitening. I think for white teeth we should brush our teeth two times in a day and should use a good brand tooth paste.

Personal trainer st johns wood

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Have you checked out  The app is for your phone and can show you realistically what you will look like after getting your teeth whitened and then you can tell your dentist exactly what you want with a picture. My fiance and I both did it and got treatments from the same dentist.

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Originally Posted by The King of Teeth View Post

" What should it cost? - I can only tell you what we charge - $400 for inoffice and trays. $250 for just trays. You can get em cheaper im sure online and as long as the materials are good, im sure you get a similar result. There are offices charging 500-1000 bucks for whitening. Im sure you get a good result but you should expect to pay 250-500 for trays. I can tell you that at a dental office you are paying for the overhead of the office, the expertise of the dentist and getting the proper materials. Kind of similar to going to a high end tailor to get a great result. Theres shitty tailors who overcharge and there are shitty dentists who overcharge. Using whitening toothpaste, rinsing with hydrogen peroxide etc will not whiten your teeth. The perioxide is not in contact with your teeth for long enough to do anything. its diluted quickly with the saliva. And you cannot kill the germs that cause "bad pussy" wtf???? Bad pussy my man is bad pussy! a dentist aint gonna help you there. painting titanium dioxide wont help either - yes its a temporary fix but wont do much to permanently whiten the teeth. How long should white teeth remain white? - anything that will stain a white shirt will eventually stain your teeth. If you are a coffee or tea drinker, if you like red wine etc- your teeth will eventually get dark again. So with the bleaching trays- after your initial treatment- i recommend to my patients to do a touch up (about 30 minutes of wearing the trays) about once a month. just pop them in while you are watching tv or something. hope this helps.
What do you think about the new Snap On/Snap-It (veneers) instead of bleaching? Snap Ons cost bit more but they last for 3 years and the shades are guaranteed. I have tried bleaching in the past and even with good results I could never get the super white shades on the Vitapan shade guide. My dentist said a lot of people, genetically, don't develop the super bright white teeth. Many celebs with super white teeth achieve that shade only through porcelain veneers.
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