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I've been thinking about getting my teeth whitened ever since reading this thread about a year ago. Never smoked and don't really drink coffee very often but they're starting to look a bit yellow to me; age I guess. My buddy's a dentist and said he could make me trays for about $150 (USD since there's some mention in this thread about Canadian dollars). I don't know if that's a great deal from a friend but it's much cheaper than I'm seeing thrown around here (haven't priced them at a "regular" dentist) and I certainly don't begrudge him some profit for his time/training/materials. Gotta find some time to go by him and get it done.
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Wearing my White Strips right now. They work really well.
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Got the trays from my buddy today. Charged me $135 for them. Decided to go with the 20% Opalescence to see how it works for me. He said he usually does 2 20% tubes and 2 35% ones but gave me all 20% as I'm worried about sensitivity.
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Be careful not to get much on your gums. That's where I was hurting after using the 20%.
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Let me know how that goes. I've been thinking of using this, but ended up getting the Crest White Strips which worked pretty good...
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Originally Posted by darnelled View Post
Be careful not to get much on your gums. That's where I was hurting after using the 20%.

Yeah, I read a lot of comments where people warned against this. I wore the trays last night for just over 3 hours and I was very paranoid about burning my gums so I applied the Opalescence somewhat sparingly and made sure to wipe my gums a couple times after lightly pressing in the trays.

I was tempted to sleep with the trays because my friend/dentist told me that it isn't really a constant effect and wears off but decided to see how it would go first. I had no effects on my gums and surprisingly my teeth were visibly whiter even after the one treatment. There were two spots on two different teeth that were noticeably more white but that seems to have worn off today. I Googled it and people said that it's from calcium deposits and the other teeth will catch up with continued bleaching.

I woke up this morning with my teeth sort of tingling and mildly painful. They aren't sensitive to temperature and I had no problem eating hot oatmeal or drinking very cold water. The pain completely dissipated after maybe about 6 hours. I think I will skip the trays tonight and use them again tomorrow.

The trays aren't really too uncomfortable but I didn't enjoy having them in as they really caused me to salivate. I think I'm going to see how it goes with the next few treatments and then maybe switch out two of the syringes for the 35% (my friend said no problem if I want to do so) so I don't have to leave them in as long.
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Originally Posted by cathleen View Post
Teeth whitening is the process of removing stains and discolouration from teeth and improving their colour through a bleaching process to make them look "whiter".

Thanks Cathleen....we were a little confused...
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Jumbie, I'd avoid those marathon sessions with the 20%, if I were you. For me, at least, the pain issues are cumulative -- after a few days, the pain starts to set in if my sessions were too long. One-hour sessions (1.5 max) should be enough to achieve the result you're looking for.
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Originally Posted by Asch View Post
Jumbie, I'd avoid those marathon sessions with the 20%, if I were you. For me, at least, the pain issues are cumulative -- after a few days, the pain starts to set in if my sessions were too long. One-hour sessions (1.5 max) should be enough to achieve the result you're looking for.

Thanks for the advice but I went to Ultradent's website (makers of Opalescence) and they list 2-4 hours as the recommended time for the 20%. Of course that's going to vary with individuals.

I had them in for around 3 hours again yesterday with no issues (no sensitivity/pain). I think I'm not using enough gel though as I still have 1/2 of the syringe left after 2 treatments and they said 1/3 to 1/2 per treatment in the instructions. Still, I'm quite pleased so far.

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yellow enamel is harder and more resistant to tooth decay than white enamel. if you regularly drink coffee and/or smoke cigarettes, go ahead and remove those stains. otherwise, i'd just leave well enough alone.
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DDSwhite seems to be down, any others that offer the same service? thx
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Back to the Future 3? Who is fixated on perfectly straight teeth with perfectly white enamel? Oh yeah, self-absorbed bitches.

At any rate, titanium dioxide (paint whitener) covers stains with whitewash, while daily gargling with hydrogen peroxide bleaches stains white. Use "whitening" toothpaste and gargle with peroxide to get the same damn results as the emergency pleez oh pleez sheeyat.

I said it before and I'll say it again, gargle with peroxide after brushing. It kills the germs that cause bad pussy. BTW, it kills the germs that cause gum disease and tooth loss.

Besides, if you get a killer yeast infection in your groin, liberally pour peroxide all over your affected area, wait 15 minutes, and then shower--about five times a day, for five or six days, and it removes the infection.
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For those of you who buy the syringes on amazon, can you share a link?
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Man, there are some serious misconceptions on this thread and some outright false information. Let me attempt to clarify the truth about whitening teeth. My credentials - Im a practicing dentist for the past 15 years, I lecture nationally and internationally on the technology in dentistry as well as cosmetic dental procedures. Question- What is the best way to whiten? Answer- Hands down the "best" way is to use bleaching trays created by your dental office. Trays provide an intimate fit to your teeth and dont allow the bleaching gel to escape. Typically you will get a solution (15-35%) of carbamide peroxide (a variation of hydrogen peroxide) from your dental office that you will place nightly in your trays. The more often you can place the gel in the trays, the faster and better the results. Now- what if you get sensitivity? decrease the frequency of whitening- so instead of every night, do it every other night. Sensitivity is temporary and is the limiting factor in how fast you can whiten and how strong of a solution you should use. There is NO PERMANENT DAMAGE with whitening. None. ZERO, nada, zilch. Its a temporary thing. Similar to hey- my tailor stuck a needle in me, it hurts. Yes- it hurts till the needle is removed. Same thing with whitening- most people get temporary sensitivity. But it will eventually go away. Use sensodyne toothpaste if the sensitivity persists. What about the light and "laser bleaching" Laser bleaching is bullshit. doesnt work and there is really nothing on the market that bleaches the teeth with a laser. You do have britesmile and zoom- these are popular. However their efficacy is questioned. We have both in our office and frankly I just tell people to get the trays. In office bleaching is like a jump start- meaning its the equivalent of doing 2-3 days with the trays at home but its not necessarily better. I always give my patients a set of trays after their in office session- no matter what. What about the crest white strips and similar over the counter materials - they work but not as well. Its simple, what your dentist can prescribe is a stronger solution of the gel which you cant get over the counter. But they do work and its an option. However because the strips are glued to the teeth, saliva gets in and decreases the concentration of the gel which minimizes the effect of the gel. so you have to use the strips longer and change them more often. Instead of bleaching with the trays your dentist gives you for a week- you may have to do the strips for a month? cheaper? debatable as you have to buy more strips. What should it cost? - I can only tell you what we charge - $400 for inoffice and trays. $250 for just trays. You can get em cheaper im sure online and as long as the materials are good, im sure you get a similar result. There are offices charging 500-1000 bucks for whitening. Im sure you get a good result but you should expect to pay 250-500 for trays. I can tell you that at a dental office you are paying for the overhead of the office, the expertise of the dentist and getting the proper materials. Kind of similar to going to a high end tailor to get a great result. Theres shitty tailors who overcharge and there are shitty dentists who overcharge. Using whitening toothpaste, rinsing with hydrogen peroxide etc will not whiten your teeth. The perioxide is not in contact with your teeth for long enough to do anything. its diluted quickly with the saliva. And you cannot kill the germs that cause "bad pussy" wtf???? Bad pussy my man is bad pussy! a dentist aint gonna help you there. painting titanium dioxide wont help either - yes its a temporary fix but wont do much to permanently whiten the teeth. How long should white teeth remain white? - anything that will stain a white shirt will eventually stain your teeth. If you are a coffee or tea drinker, if you like red wine etc- your teeth will eventually get dark again. So with the bleaching trays- after your initial treatment- i recommend to my patients to do a touch up (about 30 minutes of wearing the trays) about once a month. just pop them in while you are watching tv or something. hope this helps.
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