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David Cenci

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Can anyone provide some information about this shop? I have read a number of positives and am interested in their pricing for St. Andrews off the rack and MTM pricing. Has anyone got some specifics about the shop and products they can share? Thank you.
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Davide is an old friend. Our relationship goes far back, to our co-founding with a few others of the Madison Avenue Merchants' Association and Madison Avenue Business Improvement District. His is one of the most reputable, "old-fashioned" men's shops in NYC and carries wonderful, quality merchandise. Davide has many of his items made "back home". Davide Cenci is absolutely honorable and stands behind everything he sells. You can shop with complete confidence.
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While the store is called "Davide" Cenci (Italian pronunciation Dah Vih Duh, started in Rome many years ago by the patriarch Davide Cenci), the gentleman who has run the Madison Avenue boutique from its inception, scion of the company, has really always been known to everyone in NY as simply "David". As a customer for nearly 20 years (It's my favorite store in the US), I can vouch for David's integrity, in-depth knowledge of his merchandise, exemplary taste, and desire to please his customers.  I was in just the other day speaking with David and Pasquale, his excellent tailor, about their St. Andrews MTM program and I have every confidence that they would not let anyone leave the store unless and until the garment fit perfectly, whether ready made or MTM.  What I especially like about St. Andrews is they allow you to select from English cloth ranges, which are my personal preference to Italian cloth, though SA is an Italian company.  So you get the best of both worlds: The sensual Italian pedigree of St. Andrews combined with the practicality and durability of English cloth.  If I can't get to Italy for an adequate amount of time to have a suit made by Mssrs. Caraceni or Rubinacci, a MTM suit from St. Andrews might be the way to go for me for a well-tailored Italian suit.  If David is on a buying trip when you visit, or otherwise not present at the store, ask for Antonio, an especially good salesperson there.  Unfortunately, you just missed their big Winter sale, however they should be having a MTM trunk show shortly, when they waive premiums.  Be sure to check out the Gravati shoes, as well as their wonderfully elegant khakis and jeans.   Grayson
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"Davide" is pronounced "Dah Vih Day," no? Florence, known in Italy as "Firenze" (pronounced "Fee Renn Zay") is often misspelled by Americans as "Firenza." Seeing this misspelling bugs me.
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How much should cost an off-the-rack one of SA? B
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SA is generally very good. The SA suits sold under the SA label vary. Some have handsewn buttonholes, others do not. The SA private-label clothing made for RLPL and Stefano Ricci, aside from stylistic differences, are more similar in construction.
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Their winter sale was outstanding. I picked up a beautiful charcoal gray wool/cashmere 3/4 coat (w/leather trimmed nehru collar--I know, it sounds odd but it's swell--made in Austria by Schneiders) and some lovely trousers. Highly recommended.
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I picked up a beautiful leather jacket with shearling lining that was the last one in my size, on the mannequin when you first enter the store, during their recent sale. Also got some of their amazing corduroy trousers, the best, plushest I've ever found anywhere. Grayson
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I was admiring that leather jacket . . their shearlings were very nice this year. Even nicer was the prices on my wool slacks--$75 bucks a pop. Cords were incredibly soft, just not my size. Having surgery next week and intend to use the recovery/physical therapy time to lose a pants size so that I'm ready for next year's sale (That's the upside).
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Any rough pricing information for their suits? Thank you.
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Every year, I'm tempted to give in to my temptation of getting Cenci cashmere cords, but it's just too decadent.  I do have their wide-wale cords in cotton that are the best. Resist temptation, a better one may be coming along. Grayson
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Bergdorf's used to sell St. A's suits in the $2,700-3,000 range at full retail. I understand Bergdorf's no longer carries St. Andrews; however, I assume D. Cenci prices its suits similarly.
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Speaking of Davide Cenci, his private label items come up on Ebay fairly regularly and often end up selling for well under full retail (e.g., $150 for a NWT $2200 silk blazer), presumably because the name is not well known outside NYC.
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It was at BGs many years ago where I purchased my St Andrews sport coats, the first time such a garment fit as if it were made specifically for me, not a likely occurence.  The Etro jackets I purchased at BGs years ago also fit like a glove, although Etro has taken an avant garde stylistic direction that baffles and disappoints me, having departed from their tasteful, conservative point of view of years past.  Cenci offers one singular conservative yet stylish perspective that speaks to me, and they offer a level of service not easily replicated at the larger stores.  David's tailor, Pasquale, is also excellent. Antonio, a member of the sales staff, worked earlier at Alan Flusser's original operation and has some very interesting stories. Grayson
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SA is generally very good.  The SA suits sold under the SA label vary.  Some have handsewn buttonholes, others do not.  The SA private-label clothing made for RLPL and Stefano Ricci, aside from stylistic differences, are more similar in construction.
I've seen hundreds of Saint Andrew's suits and sportcoats, under their own label, and under many different private labels, but never one without handstitched buttonholes. Where did you see these?? And I also recommend Davide Cenci. Great store..
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