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Pants/shoes question

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Hey all, Just a simple question: what color shoes should be worn with a medium/lighter gray pair of pants? These aren't dress pants per se, just a gray pair of casual 'khakis' from Banana Republic. I have heard that cordovan is the classic color to wear with gray, but I am not particularily fond of the color, plus they are pretty hard to find in a more casual shoe. Also, I bought a pair of Levis Premium jeans in a lighter gray shade...very cool, 'western' look. I've just been wearing them with sandals, but when winter comes along I'd still like to be able to wear them. What colors are acceptable? Brown looks somewhat odd, and black seems too dark to wear. Thanks for the help. Eric
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I wear brown with almost anything theese days, but then again my good brown shoes are dark chockolate so they don't crave so much attention. Lately I'm finding black shoes too boring, but it's just a phase for me, I guess. BH
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With the BR pants (I have the same color), I would wear black shoes, but not too shiny. I have a pair of black chelsea-style boots by Bass that I wear with mine and I think that works pretty well, as the leather is of good quality, but not patent leather-esque in appearance.
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