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Wrongly-pressed lapel fix?

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I picked up a very nice Armani sport coat today for $10 at my favorite thrift store; it fits perfectly, but the previous owner seems to have had the jacket lapel pressed flat to destroy what was a once-beautiful lapel roll, and the crease (horrors.) now lies outside of the natural roll, so when the jacket is unbuttoned, it pops out and looks ridiculous. It is unwearable as it is - I bought it anyway, hoping there is a way to fix it. Is there any way to remove this horrible creased lapel? Thanks, John
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[issue OBE]
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Hang the coat in your bathroom.  Close all the doors and windows.  Turn on the shower full blast, at the highest heat.  Let the coat steam for 15 or 20 minutes, longer if necessary.  That should get the crease out.  Then take it to a decent cleaner for pressing.  Alternatively, if you have a relationship with a really good tailor, he can steam and press it himself. This all assumes that there is linen canvas in the chest, which can lose its crease.  If the chest is fused, you may be out of luck.  But it's worth a try.
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I too am curious about that. I've taken a few coats/suit to a certain dry cleaner (from whom I have since ceased business) whick would return the jackets without their roll and pressed in an inconvenient position. A few I just got rid of, but I still have one or two which I have saved in the event they can be resurrected.
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Ok, I posted to slow..Thanks manton.
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