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Marinella book

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I got the new Marinella book in the mail today. It is published by Electa, which does a lot of the best Italian fashion books (including co-publishing the great Apparel Arts reprint). It is a beautiful book, handsomely illustrated. I look forward to reading through the text.
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Oh - sweet. Off to Amazon... B
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Manton: Can you give us a bit more detail on the book: ISBN number, where did you order your book from etc. Thanks, MB
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I also have it, a birthday present from my aunt. She has an italian bookstore. It really is nice illustrated book.
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It's an Italian book, so there is no ISBN. There are two editions: one with Italian text, and one with English. I assume that the English version is just a translation and that the books are otherwise identical. It was actually a thread on this site that alerted me to it. I tried to find the thread to link, but I don't think the search function here is working all that well. It finds really old posts, but tends to skip over more recent stuff. Anyway, I got it off an Italian art book seller's website.
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You can buy it at www.libroco.it or www.ibs.it, among others. I've been thinking of ordering it but haven't pulled the trigger yet.
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With the help of bryce330 and Manton, I was able to track down the book online: http://www.libroco.it/cgi-bin....=146945 It is priced at 80 euro, at today's exchange rate, that amounts to $107 for a 160 pages book. Wow I thought only we at the States are paying high prices for books. Apparently that is not the case. Europeans are paying even higher prices for their books.
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The same site sold it to me for 56 Euros. Lord knows why, they just did.
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If you register for an account with LibroCo, they will give you 30% off all Electa books, including the Marinella book.
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Nice of them.  Registering the account was free.
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Hmm. I registered for an account successfully, but I'm not seeing the discount. Is there something special I need to do?
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No, it just happened automatically when I ordered. Shipping was 15 euros.
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No, it just happened automatically when I ordered.
Note to self: this indicates that Manton is not price-sensitive when buying books about clothing. Be sure to raise prices 30% when attempting to sell him something.
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I confess that I would have paid full price for it. Electa clothing books are really good. And the English versions have tiny print runs. I have found through bitter experience that you can either buy when they come out, or spend years trying to find them.
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speaking of marinella, I have two ties (one light blue with very small navy and yellow pattern), and a heavier silk burgandy tie (blue and yellow small pattern). They are wonderfully constructed, bought from Bergdorf Goodman NYC, but I've never worn them. Anyone interested in the pair for $100 plus shipping to you? paypal, money order, etc. is fine I guess I've grown partial to 'mod' patterns and stripes from brioni and bizzochi.
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