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Lacoste shirt

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Alright, in the new GQ there's an ad for a commemorative Lacoste polo with a silver 'gator. I live in Georgia. I need three of these shirts. Can someone that frequents Barneys go and ask them if they'll be mailing them, and if not, can someone pick up three for me? (One's for my friend, one's for me to wear, and the third's because if I didn't get it, I'd tear mine-Murphy's Law). This is really important to me, so if someone could find out some information soon, I'd appreciate it.
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Very cool shirt... I was at Barney's in Chi-town last week and they didn't have 'em, but the Barney's in NYC is much bigger, sooo..... Sorry I can't help. I did run into Christy Turlington shooting a commercial for "NARS" make-up there though. hehe. . . fun stuff. Pete
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Well it'll be May before they come out, but I'm just trying to get my ducks in a row.
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41 reviews and none of you live in New York City? ::sniff sniff::
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Michael: Why don't you just call Barney's? Do you want the number?
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Or just try calling the Lacoste store here in NY; they can probably give you more info..
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That'd be great.  However, it seems to me now that they're not selling them specifically in New York City.  How was I supposed to know that the actual name of the store was "Barney's New York" no matter where it was.  Heh.  Anyway, phone numbers would be great.  I've tried to find them myself, but living in Athens Georgia doesn't give much accomodation for getting phone numbers, and Barney's website is utterly out-of-date and impossible to navigate.  So yes, phone numbers would be good, then I could stop my whining. And as to my understanding, the shirts are going to be exclusive to Barney's. That's right isn't it?
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First, the # for Barneys is 212-826-8900. Secondly, a great resource for New York info is
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Michael: Web site for lacoste is: They do have a store in NY, and might have one somewhere in Atlanta too.
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