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jantzen ordering

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I ordered a shirt from Jantzen Tailor after Chinese New Year (February 23), as requested by Ricky on the website. It stated that this was the earliest they would take orders due to the holiday rush. Today, I checked the website, and it now says that due to all the orders, no new overseas orders will be taken before March 22. Does anybody talk to Ricky and know what he's doing about the overseas orders placed between Feb. 23-Mar. 22? I understand that they are probably working as fast as they can. Waiting is fine, as I understand that they are busy, but graduation is coming, and so I will no longer be at this address. Anybody have any idea of whether I should change the shipping address, or should the middle of May still be ok? Thanks.
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Your best bet would be to call him and explain your situation. The last thing you want is your shirt to go back to him. I too placed an order for a couple of shirts on the 23rd of Feb. I was not going to start checking my mail for them until late April at the earliest. Hopefully though they will arrive before Memorial Day. Given his backlog, who knows when they will arrive. I don't think there is any other explanation than organized chaos to his overseas order fulfillment. Calling might be expensive for you since you are in college it sounds like, but it seems to be the most direct way of communicating with him. The one time I did email him, he was very quick in responding given the time difference. This was more than a, "when should I get my shirts" type of question. I get the sense he doesn't respond over email to general or lesser inquiries due to his busy schedule. This opinion is based on other forum members remarks here.
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I'll try and call tomorrow if someone tells me what the time difference is from the east coast, and if anyone there speaks English well.
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12 hours. Ricky speaks decent English, if he's there.
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Let us know how it goes and if he gives a ballpark figure for your shirt. Since learning he will not be taking new orders for a couple of weeks, I am curious as to know just how far behind he is after accepting new orders after chinese new year.
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I'll call around 11pm eastern time, which seems like the time his shop opens in Hong Kong. Does anyone know the country and city codes for dialing? My Friday nights are fun...
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011 to dial outside of US, 852 is Hong Kong code. No city code I believe. Just use 011 and add the number on his site.
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Hmm, internet time zone converters gave me 13 hours difference from EST USA to Hong Kong. That would mean they open at 10pm EST. I dunno, though. Never been anywhere but Europe.
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The notice reads: Due to overwhelming demand for our Made-to Measure shirt through our website, we are now working on the backlog orders. We apologize that we are not able to accept any New/Repeat OVERSEAS orders of shirt before 22nd,March 2005. Please visit our site again. We take this opportunity to thank you for your generous support. Jantzen Tailor 08th March, 2005. ____ I read this as saying that no overseas orders will be accepted between 3/8/2005 and 3/22/2005. If it means otherwise, this is pretty lame. I can put up with delays, etc., but not knowing when, or if, I'll be able to place an order will cause me to find another source, I think. Maybe Ricky is taking the advice of someone posting on this board a month or so ago. It was suggested that he have ordering "windows" in order to keep up with demand. If so, and if it works, it's a great idea.
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I called, although it wasn't the clearest conversation I'd ever had. There is no question that he will honor the orders placed before the most recent notice went up, but what is not clear, however, is how long it will take. He asked for my name and the date my order was placed (2/25), so I can only hope this will ensure my stuff doesn't get lost in the shuffle. If you're nervous about it, I recommend you do the same.
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Did he say why he was doing it?  Just wondering.  It's good that he's honoring our orders, though.  I may call tonight and check whether I should give him my new address.  Thanks for doing the primary work, BlvdDandy.
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I must've just got under the wire.  I designed (for good or ill) a shirt for my wife.  An experiment.  I fancy myself a designer of cutting edge fashion.
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Without realizing this, I placed an order on Thursday. Gotta get in touch now to find out what's happening to it.
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