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Nordstrom rack

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What are your opinions of the quality of the merchandise available at The Rack? Generally, how many seasons dated is the men's clothing available? Specifically, shoes and suits.
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I don't know about suits and shoes as I haven't been in the market for those, but the jeans and shirts I've been buying are great.
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Eldridge: I've been to almost every Rack there is, researching them for my book, and it's wholly dependent on the individual Rack. The merchandise that's normally sold at Nordstrom heads straight there after the second markdown of seasonal sales. But I have noticed a number of brands at the Rack one doesn't see in Nordstrom, as I have at Saks Off 5th as well. This smacks of a dirty little (?) retail secret of making clothing specifically for outlet stores which is of different quality than what's sold in the main outlet. The best way to avoid making a mistake is to stick to classic styles in brands you know and trust. These are always "in" and virtually seasonless. And consider this an open invitation to anyone on this Forum- if in doubt I'd be happy to help.
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Have you been to the Nordstrom Rack in Glendale, CA?
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Nope- one of the few I haven't. Haven't been to one in Brea, either. They're on my to do list when Iget down to finish LA up in a month or so. Topanga one generally has good stuff, as does So Coast Plaza...
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