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Fake PDC's on ebay!!

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Well I suppose it had to happen sooner or later,after 5 years of buying on ebay, I recieved my first fake merchandise, 4 pairs of "PDC 2LTD-02" jeans. On recieving them I compared them to my authentic Paper Denims, they are fairly decent fakes, but most definitely not authentic. There are quite a few small differences in details, and the cut is a bit off (slightly fuller in the thigh and knee) which I might be persuaded to chalk up to different production runs. But... Note to counterfeiters: If you go trouble of faking the label declaring that each pair is individually numbered, IT'S NOT A GOOD IDEA TO SEND OUT EVERY PAIR WITH THE SAME SERIAL NUMBER      (they are all marked #13248 for those who are wondering.) Thank goodness I paid with my Amex card, and won't lose any $$. I'll post detailed pics later for those interested. I bought my jeans from sellers str8_deelz and eddiext24. A quick perusal of ebay showed fakes being sold by: trustbigd affluent_sales zaiid0i55 abe1819 mystore_ny p-wood0123 And I'm sure there are others. It seems a pretty good scam as most of the buyers are posting positive feedback.. With the pics I post later you will be able to tell if jeans you are looking at are fake or not from the pictures in the auctions. And this has been a friendly community service announcement from your local HONEST ebay seller  
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Thanks A Harris. I was recently looking at a bunch of PDC jeans on ebay hoping to purchase one soon. I will hold off now. Your info is much appriciated.
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It should be noted that there are a lot of authentic PDC jeans on ebay too. I think these fakes are a fairly recent phenomenon. But telling the two apart will be easy once you see my pictures.
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Major bummer. I swore off buying anything "popular" from ebay after I recieved two fake lacoste shirts. I already knew Diesels and True Religions from ebay were almost always fake. Guess I will add PDC to the list. As a side note, several months ago, there were 0 Earnest Sewn jeans on ebay, and now it is flooded with them. If they make fake PDCs, it shouldn't be too hard to make fake Earnest Sewn.
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Thanks for the heads-up. I just purchased a pair of 2 yr LTDs last week; thankfully from none of those sellers.
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I bought what turned out to be a pair of fake Sevens from str8_deelz a while back, and they were really, really terrible looking fakes. Somehow, he keeps up a good business selling them, but the customers should be able to tell that the poor denim quality, sloppy stitching, awful wash and lack of a crease down the leg does not add up to a real NYD Seven jean. Looking at denim_kingdom's wares makes me suspicious as well.
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Thanks for the heads up. I just got a fake pair of LTD's as well and am now going to try and get my money back.
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Next time, please PM me. I have a specific list of questions which will weed out some, but not all, fake Paper Denims.
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Okay guys, most high end jeans on Ebay are fakes, pure and simple. However, there are 2 jeans sellers who I really trust on Ebay, the first because he gets his stock from an actual brick and mortar store the owner with whom he has a family connection (I have proof of hios affiliation). His jeans are first quality, and the guy is honest to deal with (had lots of Da'mage recently, btw), the second because he or she sells seconds, and is upfront about the damage/defects on the jeans, and the jeans pictured are actually those up for sale. 1) kingduggan1. 2) birdietime (Seconds) I would strongly avoid all sellers who do not picture the actualy jeans, but use a stock picture stolen from another website. That type of dishonesty should be a tip off.
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Add 55fashion to the list of fakes sellers.
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