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Better tie detail pics - help beta test

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Calling all guinea pi... I mean helpful volunteers. One of the things we learned at the event in New York was how limiting jpeg images can be - even full screen it can be hard to see details. So.... I'm working on that problem and I have a little javascript tool that lets you zoom in. before I link it to the homepage I wanted to see it pounded on a little bit and get suggestions for improvement. Feedback appreciated - does it help? (Before I code 100 ties into it.) ...if this works well I'll reshoot things in ridiculous resolutions to show detail. http://www.carlofranco.com/zoomtest.htm
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I like it. It lets you see what the pattern looks like, and the weave. At the same time, you can see what the tie looks like from further away to determine how the colors blend at distance, pattern diminishes, &c. No huge problems that I can see. I say go for it.
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You should make the "normal" link clickable. When I zoom in and move the mouse and the pointer goes over "Normal" then it is back to normal size. If I had to click on "Normal" this problem would be gone. Also you may make the default size bigger and constraint the picture to remain in some box so it does not invade the screen and I don't have to scroll to look at what I am interested in. Also when I zoom in the top tie, it covers others. Apart from this it is quite a good idea and works nicely (Firefox 1.0.1 for Win). Mathieu
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It looks pretty good. The only problem for me is that when zooming in, the picture below overlaps.
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Yep - imperfect on some details and I will want to toy with editing the script so that you have to click 'normal'. Also don't like the image below popping through. pretty pathetic actually - master's in computer science and my ties are a heckuva lot more elegant than my coding... can you say 'wasted youth'?
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I think it's a great application. I like being able to zoom in, and the large scale photos really give me a sens of what the product looks like. I would fiddle a bit with the layout/graphic design of the page to clean up the layout, but I think it's a nice first draft. Cheers, Hoya
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Like the others, I think the navigation could be improved a little, but the functionality is awesome. I love the ability to see the ties upclose to really see what they are like before buying.
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Good idea. I suggest doing whatever you can to get a quicker load time (though I assume when posted there wont be 20 ties on a page) and setting a max size so that the user can't continue to zoom in until the tie is blurry. Dan
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Hmmmm..... load time could be a problem because I'm using a big jpeg (otherwise no details when you blow it up). Will have to chew on that. Setting a maximum makes sense. Gotta investigate that... Good thoughts, keep'm coming. I may do the same thing with the pics from Sartorial Excellence last weekend since people have been writing to ask for larger images. Now I remember why I left software :-)
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I think the "normal" size should be somewhat larger. I was surprised at the extent to which the normal view totally obscured the actual appearance of the tie--ties which looked like a haze actually had sharp patterns, etc. Perhaps you should be able to zoom out from the normal view, but right now if you glance through a page of these ties, you'll have no sense at all what they look like until you zoom in on them.
pretty pathetic actually - master's in computer science and my ties are a heckuva lot more elegant than my coding
Hell, loads of people write elegant code. Not nearly enough goood ties out there though.
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LOL. Okay, set up a limit on the zoomin to around 1600 width... more gets useless. Doubled the Normal size.... figuring out how to make the expanding image stay on top Forgive me, in recent years Java has only been a jetlag cure in my world
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Just to let you know, this works great on Firefox, save for the minor points noted by others above. Great tool. I would have thought you were insane to combine a bold wide strip with a paisley, but that style looks awesome. It will be a definite pickup.
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Minor point but I think you should put the tie #/description with the zoom control for the tie. Right now you've got it below the tie it relates to and directly above the next tie. I had to go back up to the top to figure out what # belonged to what tie and wouldn't have realized the problem without the description beside S21 which I though was the gold tie until reading the description. The use of some kind of divider would also be a good idea so that you separate the ties/zoom from one another.
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