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Brioni Ties - Ebay Seller

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I know a little while ago someone was asking about a seller on e-bay that seems to be constantly offering plenty of Brioni ties at low prices. He/she is still offering Brioni ties (plus other designers.) Does anyone know if the ties he/she is selling are authentic? Anyone have any experience with him/her? If it matters, they are located in Lebanon. Here is a link to one of the tie auctions: Brioni Tie Auction
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I remember the thread as well. I believe it was Stu who started it. If my memory serves me correctly, he did buy one. Not sure how the transaction turned out for him.
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Below are links to two other sellers with similar Brioni auctions. Both sellers are located in Canada and the items are listed as being in Lebanon. Seems a little strange to me. I personally bought a gorgeous tie from a Canadian seller with merchandise in Lebanon a while back. That seller is no longer active after only two sales. I am not a tie expert, but I cannot tell the difference between that tie and all my other Brionis. I am gotten more positive comments on that tie than any other tie I have so, even if it is a fake, I am fairly pleased with my purchase. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....91&rd=1 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....19&rd=1
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Yeah, I also noticed that all of these guys are located in Lebanon but also list Canada on their auctions. I e-mailed one of them and they told me that the ties ship from Lebanon. I am really curious if these deals have worked out for people. There are a couple of nice looking ties available.
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actually i started the thread and i ended up not buying and saving my money and buying one i know is authentic. That region is sort of like buying from china, chances are you are getting a fake if the price is to good to be true.
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