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Nicky ties

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I have recently purchased a great number of Nicky ties from Lance ( and continue to be extremely impressed. Great, traditional prints that make a good foundation for any tie collection and they seem to be well made of a nice, soft yet resilient silk. I was hoping to hear from some others their thoughts on this brand and the relative quality commentary. I find them (again based on my uninformed perspective) to be of similiar quality to marinella ties that I have seen. Thank you.
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Less conservative than Marinella and excellent construction.
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Great ties. Haven't seen them in too many places, most notably in Louis Boston. They had a great one in casmere for $195 that I loved. Very underrated me thinks. Was just looking on ebay last night as a matter of fact and didn't find anything.
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Also can be found at Bergdorf as of 1-22...
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Nicky makes a fantastic tie and I've been wanting to add some to my tie wardrobe. For a traditionally constructed tie (ie, not a 7-fold or derivative thereof) you really can't do better. Ranked along with Marinella, Drake's, etc. from everything I've seen. If you're in Birmingham sometime, Plain Clothes carries them. Alas I saw a lovely Nicky that had given up the ghost at a local thrift store. RIP. By the way, does Nicky make anything other than ties?
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Great ties, definately one of my favorites along with Bizzocchi. I have purchased several from Lance and the rest mostly from NM.
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Unrelated to Nicky, but tie-related, does anyone know who manufactures "Sartoria Attolini" ties, if not actually Attolini? I have such a tie, received as a gift, and I really like the way it makes a knot, even bdetter than my Marinella ties. Thanks, in advance. Grayson
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