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Hanging Loops on jackets

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I'm wondering how many of you actually use that little strip of lining known as the hanging strip located at the inside collar of a suitjacket/odd jacket? Is it just me,or when using a stall in a public lavatory you have somewhere to hang your jacket?I can always tell a handmade/bespoke jacket from the precise series of stitches which seem to circle each end of this strip.It's usually made of the same lining material on quality garments and found as a loop of colored chord on cheaper jackets.Anybody concur?
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I use the "locker loop" almost every day -- to hang the coat in the back seat of my car, to hang it on the back of the seat in fornt of me (on a plane, if not in first class), you name it. In fact, I use them so much that some of them have started to wear through. And your point about bespoke vs. rtw is well taken. My bespoke suits have what seems to be a stronger loop than some of my rtw. Cheers, Hoya
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I use it all the time. Certainly the quality is higher on the ones on my bespoke suits, but I've never had one fail even on cheaper suits. I have had one pull out on an overcoat--Hickey-Freeman, for those keeping track. Presumably it suffered more stress because of the heavy weight of the coat.
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