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Were the people wearing the four-button suits young, middle-aged or elderly (old)?
They were Young - early to mid twenties.
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To me this is kinda like the whole deal with Prince. I laughed when they said that three button, side vented was 'new' and I'm laughing again as 2 button center is returning to being 'new' again. I wore a mix of two and three button jackets all along. Kinda like Prince - He was Prince, then the artist formerly known as prince, then the artist, then that funky symbol... and I think he's Prince again now, right? Personally, I called him prince the whole time. Much like 'Ester' the material girl. whaddaya do with a 4 button (ok, ok, assuming you had to wear it) ...button the mid two? Think I'll stick to my boring (oh wait, I mean latest trend) 2 buttons and my new (oh wait, out of style) three buttons.
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Hah, yeah, I've always liked both styles. However, I do favor the two-button, since I can get that waist button nice and high. It's a little tricky with a three-button; if I had my three-buttons cut as high as my two-buttons, the top button would look really weird, sitting way up there.
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Quote: whaddaya do with a 4 button (ok, ok, assuming you had to wear it) ...button the mid two?
I thought the rule went like this: 1 button coat = button it. 2 button coat = button only the top 3 button coat = button middle only, or top 2 depending on roll 4 button coat = unbutton all buttons, remove coat, discard
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Retro - that was pretty much my thought.
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Love the discard... It just seems so transparent that this is all about trying to get people to buy new clothing for meet the current fashion trend, not because people need new clothing. It's all just hype and marketing...oh, wait, that's redundant.
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my prayers have been answered. If I see another 3B SB suit manufactured where the roll of the lapel ends at the top button, I am going to throw up (on the offending suit, of course). Here's to the return of classicism (clinking of glass). Now, we need to work on those god awful square toe shoes the new associates at my accounting firm consider proper.
please correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't the 3-button jacket older than the 2-button? look at any movie from the '30s. you'll see 3 and 4 button suits. i think it's been mentioned on this board that the 2 button wasn't popular until the '50s or '60s. also, didn't the 2 1/2 start out as an italian thing? i believe the traditional english suits had the lapel roll to the top button, not over it. i'm with you on the square toed shoes.
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Yes, the 3-button is older than the 2-button suit. I don't think 4-button suits have ever been "correct" and have never seen them in 1930s films or on anyone I would consider well dressed. The original 3-button coats were all true 3-button (lapel rolled to the top). I don't think it's possible to determine who first started making roll-throughs. Both the English and the Italians do it today. The Italians do more of it.
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i think you see 4 buttons on the more casual suits, like on a newsboy or someone like that.
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I should correct that to say that one sees four buttons on old fashioned coats, weird sort of hybrids between frock or morning coats and what would later be considered suit coats. But on a true lounge suit coat, never.
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A three-button suit can still be perfectly acceptable from a fashion perspective, provided it doesn't look too much like one. Barneys touts a three-button made by Isaia: When the top button is left undone, the jacket "creates an elegant roll that looks like you're wearing a two-button," a Barneys spokesman says.
Wow, imagine that. J. Press anyone?
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Goodness, I am happy to be out of style then with my collection of three button sport coats and suits. I've never considered the three button to be fashion forward. It's been around so long that how can it go out of style?
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I once read somewhere that.... 3 buttons = Nixon 2 buttons = Kennedy Probably an unfair summarization, but it did stick with me.
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I once read somewhere that.... 3 buttons = Nixon 2 buttons = Kennedy Probably an unfair summarization, but it did stick with me.
Not far off the mark. Two-button suits were much more common in England before they became popular in America. Kennedy got a taste for them when he lived over there when his father was Ambassador. He made them widely popular after his election. In the 40s and 50s, Nixon wore a lot of 6x2 DBs and 3-button SBs. By the time he became president, the 2-button was much more common, in part because of Kennedy. Nixon wore them then, but not exclusively.
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