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I didn't know this question would elicit such passionate responses. Look, I like my overcoat, it keeps me warm when it's cold, and I want to wear it. Also, the damn overcoat looks good. Not wearing the coat does not solve my problem - I don't even really have a problem. I'm not afraid of cold, for chrissakes, I just don't like it. If it can be avoided without much effort, why not bother?
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Southern California has been pretty unbearable recently in the early morning - sometimes it's below 60 degrees out.
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I sometimes wear a heavy coat (pea coat, overcoat) and drive in winter with the window open. I like cold air in my face. I think I must have been a dog in a former life.
And I thought I was the only one (the window thing, not the dog thing).
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I live in NC. I park my car in a garage at my apartment. I also park in a garage at work, and I wear my overcoat during my five minute commute. I just make sure I don't close it in the door.
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I live in Amsterdam, I dont drive to work... I cycle. This year we had the most snow of the past 20 odd years. Until i found this board I used to pile on whatever I could to keep warm in the winter. Now I will forgoe wearing a scarf just because I dont have one that matches what I am wearing. And I have had to buy a lot more gloves... Cold and windy sucks for a Georgia Boy... K
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I just carry my jacket to work, and put on the jacket when I take off the coat (I usally then take off the jacket and hang it in my officer).
So you put on your suit jacket when you get to work, then take it off and re-hang it for the day?
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