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Edward Greens at the Polo Mansion

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I was over at the Rhinelander Mansion yesterday placing my order for a few MTM suits and took a look at the Edward Greens they had. I have never been overwhelmed by the choices RLPL makes with EG, but I was pleasantly suprised. First of all, on a round table, there were at least 15 models, as part of the RLPL MTM EG shoe program. I dont know if those models are available unless you want to special order them. Great selection though - boots, elastic sided shoes, oxfords, loafers. However, on the wall rack, were the new spring models for sale. 2 models in particular caught my eye, both spectators. One pair brown and white, the other black and white. Picturing the shoes in my head this morning, I am pretty sure they were the Cardiff model, only turned into spectators. What I loved most about them was the white sections of the shoes were suede (I think there is a proper term for white or cream suede, but it escapes me at the moment). 99% of specs these days have white calfskin, but the effect of the suede with the antiqued brown (looked like Edwardian Antique to me), was stunning. Retail $850.
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Any idea how much the MTM Edward Greens were running for?
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for the month on March, they are waiving the extra fee. Shoes are running $850. This is for made to order, not made to measure.
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Yes, bry, sorry for the confusion. You can pick the last, the soles, the leather, etc. but you have to order a stock size.
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phil, I stopped by on Sunday to check out MTM suit swatches and the RLPL shoe promotion. On the shoe promotion, the salesperson I spoke to did not know if you could specify the last. I assumed you could, but he did not know. They had many beautiful models and it is great to have a choice of color. Re: the MTM suit swatches, I was not blown away by the blue label selection, which I thought was fairly skimpy and uninspired. What did you select?
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bry-I get 2 RL MTM suits each spring, then 2 again each fall. As a whole, I am always more impressed with their fall/winter selections. I narrowed it down to 3 fabrics this spring, and I am going back next week to make my final decision: 1. charcoal gray, very subtle, thin herringbone. Its a gray on gray herringbone, with very thin herringbones, if that makes sense. The fabric basically looks solid, unless you are very close to it. I got it in a 3 button, duel vent (its the POLO IV model). 2 pair of pants, one pleated, one plain front, and a plain front vest (no lapels). 2. Mid gray solid worsted, tropical weight. A basic, and I needed a new one. Peak lapels, 2 button, duel vents (the Fairbanks model). 2 pants, 1 pleated, 1 plain front, and a lapeled vest. 3. British khaki raw silk. This was a beautiful fabric, with all the little nubs and pulls in it. Price was very high ($1895.00 for just a 2 piece), that I am still mulling it over. As for the shoes, you may be right about not being able to pick the last, but that would surprise me. I will try to find out more next week.
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Just to elaborate, the pricing for the gray herringbone was, after the $200 discount, $1350 for the 3 piece suit. The second pair of pants will be extra. The price for the solid gray, also 3 piece, after the discount, was $1235.00
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Very good prices for quality MTM.
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I know it, thats why I have been a loyal customer for years. In fact, they are really a bit more than MTM. I routinely ask for sutble adjustments that I know most MTM programs wont accomodate. These are the 2 adjustments I had them make on my last order: 1. Vest. For some reason RL makes the shortest vests. I am long torsoed, so its a bad combination. They took some measurements and are getting me all my vests from now on with my own sizing. 2. Pant leg opening. I have always liked the 1930s -esque styling of large leg openings down by the shoes. Not huge openings, but RL has 18 1/4 inch openings, and I prefer something closer to 19 1/4 (kind of like Paul Stuarts). RL was nice enough to accomodate me.
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Phil, Is the RLPL a fully-canvassed suit. And who is the current manufacturer, if you happen to know? I might stop by the Chicago store. Thanks.
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Well, RLPL is made by St. Andrews, in Italy, if I recall. I get the RL Blue Label MTM, which is fully canvassed (unlike the RTW blue labels according to some people), and they are made by Corneliani, in Italy.
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RLPL is made by the Cantarelli group, which owns St. Andrews. So, you're getting what essentially is a St. Andrews made suit (not sure if Cantarelli would consider it a St. Andrews made garment, or one made by Cantarelli -- who cares). I think the prices for MTM Purple Label start at $3000 and go up to $10000. The fabrics are lovely, even in the $3000 range. There is a premium for the Ralph name, but the suits are beautiful. Very soft, especially if you go with models that are minimally padded (might want to ask, since newer models have more padding than even 2002 versions).
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Those Polo prices are great MTM prices.
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I thought they were still made by Corneliani, unless they changed it recently with the RLBL rollout?
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PURPLE LABEL - Cantarelli Group BLUE LABEL - Corneliani
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